Pets In Books: A Lerner Retrospective

by Danielle Carnito, Trade Art Director

Hello readers! I was originally asked to do a post on design trends in Lerner books over the years… which, having been here for a while and being an Art Director, totally makes sense. But somehow I got the Blog powers that be to agree to, instead, a post about how some of our pets over the years have made it into the books we publish. Read More

Who’s a Good Dog?

Whos A Good Dog?

By Sara E. Hoffmann, School & Library Series Managing Editor

As a dog lover, I couldn’t have been more excited to edit the fun new Spring 2019 series from the Lightning Bolt Books brand—Who’s a Good Dog? Read More

5 Pet Books for Young Readers

By Sara E. Hoffmann, School & Library Series Managing Editor

You know those kids who always have some kind of wild project going on? A lemonade stand. Starting a neighborhood newspaper. Building the Greatest Fort Ever.

Yep, that was me. And memories of being that kid were what inspired me to write Ana and the Pet Show. (After all, any project involving animals was usually a favorite of mine…and yes, I did once hold a neighborhood pet show in my own backyard.) Read More