Who’s a Good Dog?

Whos A Good Dog?

By Sara E. Hoffmann, School & Library Series Managing Editor

As a dog lover, I couldn’t have been more excited to edit the fun new Spring 2019 series from the Lightning Bolt Books brand—Who’s a Good Dog? Each title in this series answers the question posted in the series title: Labrador retrievers, Yorkshire terriers, German shepherds, pugs, golden retrievers, and Pembroke Welsh corgis are all good—nay, fantastic!—dogs.

Which one of these is my personal favorite? So as not to invoke wrath among my fellow dog lovers, I’ll never tell…but the cover photo featured in this post may give a clue.

You guys, these books are so cute. Four concise, inviting chapters tell about each breed’s personality and looks, the history of the breed, how to determine if the breed is really for you, and how to successfully welcome a member of the breed into your family.

And the back matter! That may be my favorite part. (OK, aside from all those photos of ridiculously adorable dogs.) In addition to a helpful glossary, index, and Further Reading section, the back matter includes a feature called Doggone Good Tips, where readers will get ideas for names for their new pet and learn fun facts about their favorite breed—such as how to properly tie a Yorkie’s topknot. The back matter also includes a tongue-in-cheek list of why the given breed is obviously the best. (Yorkies, for instance, have a really cool coat that looks and feels just like human hair.)

I know young dog lovers are going to eat this series up, just like I would have as a dog-loving kid. Happy reading! (Just one disclaimer, though: This series will make you want to adopt each and every one of these pooches.)

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