Sesame Street ® Brings Friends Together

There are many ways young readers can change the world. They can help animals, create imaginative art, and be an upstander against racism. This fall, Sesame Street® brings young readers together with new activities, new characters, and new places. Read on to discover this season’s titles and the online resources that will encourage young readers to continue learning!

Come Together, Change the World: A Sesame Street ® Guide to Standing Up for Racial Justice by Jackie Golusky

Grade Level: PreK – 2
Age Level: 4 – 8

What can you do to stand up for racial justice? Inspired by CNN and Sesame Street’s Town Hall, Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism and featuring Elmo and friends, this gentle guide helps kids celebrate all our identities, and recognize that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect.

Simple text and bright photographs provide an entryway into talking to young children about race and racism. A back matter dictionary helps identify key vocabulary words for continued discussion and learning.

Visit Sesame Street’s Coming Together Website has designed a brand new platform to help children become “smarter, stronger, and kinder.” Visit the Sesame Street Coming Together website for resources that help children explore race, ethnicity, and culture. Don’t forget to watch the powerful family reflections and the download the printable affirmation cards.

Other Fall Titles from Sesame Street ®

A Dog’s Best Friend: A Sesame Street ® Guide to Caring for Your Dog by Marie-Therese Miller

Grade Level: PreK – 2
Age Level: 4 – 8

Elmo has a new furry friend! Celebrate all there is to love about getting a new dog with your friends from Sesame Street. Learn how to prepare for getting a dog, how to take care of and play with your new friend, and how to help shelter animals, whether you can have a dog as a pet or not.

Tango’s Story

Visit to learn more about Tango and her adoption. Coloring pages, mazes, matching activities, and more can also be downloaded here so learning can continue all day long!

It’s All Art!: From Drawing to Dress-Up with Sesame Street ® by Marie-Therese Miller

Grade Level: PreK – 2
Age Level: 4 – 8

Art can be painting, singing, playing pretend, and more! Friends from Sesame Street help introduce readers to the many forms of art and introduce prompts and hands-on activities to inspire kids to get creative. Encourage creative activity and experimentation at home and in the classroom with this fun title!

More Materials for Budding Artists has countless creative activities available for young artists. Design a cake, carve a pumpkin, or dress up your Sesame Street® friends! Some of the best educational experiences comes from play so share these resources with your young readers.

Sesame Street ® Friends around the World series

Six Titles

Grade Level: PreK – 2
Age Level: 4 – 8

Sesame Street characters help introduce readers to six different countries around the world. Young readers will dive into the unique landscapes, geography, and culture of each country. Each book also includes a map feature that highlights the country’s location.

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