Celebrate International Dog Day With Sesame Street’s Newest Character

By Megan Ciskowski, Associate Publicist

August 26th marks International Dog Day so we’re celebrating the beloved, furry companions that bring us so much joy. What better way to start the party than to celebrate the latest addition to the Sesame Street family? Read on to discover the name of Elmo’s new best friend!

Elmo is so excited to adopt a dog! This adorable pup’s name is Tango, and Elmo has a lot to learn about how to take care of her. Young readers will learn the key points of pet care too with the new title A Dog’s Best Friend: A Sesame Street ® Guide to Caring for Your Dog by Marie-Therese Miller.

Favorite Sesame Street characters like Big Bird and Abby highlight the importance of preparing for a new dog, grooming, veterinary checkups, training, and more! Readers will also discover how they can help shelter animals, whether or not they can have a dog as a pet.

With the turn of every page, readers are encouraged to practice responsible pet ownership so their new puppy can be healthy and happy. Find a sneak peek of A Dog’s Best Friend below!

Visit the Sesame Street ® website to find out more about Tango’s adoption!

More Titles for Dog Lovers

Boo Loves Books by Kaye Baillie and illustrated by Tracie Grimwood

Interest Level: Grade PreK – Grade 1
Reading Level: Grade 1

Phoebe is nervous about reading—she is embarrassed that she will say things wrong, so she just doesn’t read at all. When Mrs. Spinelli’s class goes on a field trip to the animal shelter to practice reading there, Phoebe is paired with Big Boo, who is scared of her like she’s scared of reading. When she starts reading, Big Boo and Phoebe warm up to each other and the two turn their fears into a positive experience.

Mega-Dogs of New Kansas by Dan Jolley and illustrated by Jacques Khouri

Interest Level: Grade 3 – Grade 6
Reading Level: Grade 4

Meet the mega-dogs: massive pooches helping the human settlers of a faraway planet. When an official threatens the mega-dog program, Sienna Barlow sneaks away with her dog, Gus, and begins an adventure across New Kansas.

When Dogs Heal: Powerful Stories of People Living with HIV and the Dogs That Saved Them by Jesse Freidin, Robert Garofalo, Zach Stafford, Christina Garofalo and photographs by Jesse Freidin

Interest Level: Grade 8 – Grade 12
Reading Level: Grade 8

Compiled by an LGBTQ advocate, an adolescent HIV specialist, and a fine-art photographer, When Dogs Heal illustrates a refreshing, beautiful and totally unique portrait of HIV infused with a deep message of hope for young adults.

Helper Hounds series by Caryn Rivadeneira

Interest Level: Grade 1 – Grade 3
Reading Level: Grade 2

An early chapter book series about specially trained emotional support dogs who help the kids who need them most. Meet these uncommon heroes with wet noses and big hearts. These stories are told from the point-of-view of the helper hound so that young readers can easily relate to the story. Each book centers around a different emotional support dog, and how the dog helps kids process emotional experiences and overcome obstacles. The helper hounds are here to assist kids dealing with bullying, grief, making new friends, and facing their fears!

Lightning Bolt Books ® — Who’s a Good Dog? series

Interest Level: Grade 1 – Grade 3
Reading Level: Grade 2 – Grade 3

Animal lovers will adore learning about some of the world’s most popular dogs with this high-interest series. Appealing and informative titles cover physical traits, behavior, and how to care for these furry friends.

Lightning Bolt Books ® — Hero Dogs series

Interest Level: Grade 1 – Grade 3
Reading Level: Grade 2 – Grade 3

This engaging, high-interest series is all about working dogs! Through vibrant pictures and fun information, learn how working dogs can help people who need physical aid, provide emotional support, catch bad guys, and so much more! Kids will love to learn about how these dogs go from fuzzy pups to community heroes.

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