Happy Book Birthday: New Middle-Grade, Graphic Novels, and Nonfiction

By Megan Ciskowski, Associate Publicist

Happy Book Birthday to May new releases from Lerner Publishing Group!

Middle Grade

The Art of Magic: A Novel by Hannah Voskuil

When ZuZu and Andrew discover a set of enchanted art supplies that allow them to create magical creatures, they find themselves drawn into a supernatural struggle for control of their town.

Praise for The Art of Magic

“There are deliciously chilling descriptions of scuttling, otherworldly creations and resurrections gone awry, but there is also delight to be found in enchanted artwork and blossoming friendships. A thrilling introduction to a newfangled magic.”—Booklist

“A satisfying, compelling adventure with an original magical construct and bright, appealing protagonists.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Quite entertaining, and I recommend young lovers of magic give it a shot.” – YA Books Central

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New in Paperback

Camp So-and-So by Mary McCoy

Twenty-five teenage girls. Five cabins at a mysterious summer camp. Five classic camp stories—with sinister twists. One mastermind controlling each girl’s fate—unless the girls can turn the tables. Will they make it out alive?

Praise for Camp So-and-So

★”All the world’s a stage in this . . . crafty, and, yes, campy novel that plays with familiar themes before it subverts them. Pure weird entertainment from start to finish.”—starred, Booklist

“McCoy has written a downright peculiar book that manages to deliver a compelling tale of friendship and survival. . . . Weird, fun, clever, and different—in a good way.”—Kirkus Reviews

“A wildly imaginative novel with plenty of twists, this is a good pick for teens who like stories filled with bravery and dark magic.”—School Library Journal

“[E]nthralling, funny, and surprisingly thoughtful. . . . A series of mysteries, a diverse and ambitious large cast, satisfying villains, and memorable notes on friendship—there’s a lot to like here.”—The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“Put this on the shelf in the YA collection. It will be read.”—VOYA

Graphic Novels

Amazona by Canizales

Andrea, a young Indigenous Colombian woman, has returned to the land she calls home. She comes to mourn her child—and to capture evidence of the illegal mining that displaced her family.

Praise for Amazona

★”Simply powerful, Colombian artist Canizales’ illuminating, expressively rendered graphic novel translated from the Spanish contains moments of great beauty (particularly Andrea’s memories of her husband and father) among numerous scenes of deep anguish . . . A brutal, vital text.”—starred, Kirkus Reviews

“[T]he story—part thriller, part political drama—will grip readers from page 1.”—Booklist

“Andrea is filled with strength, determination, and conviction. Just like the jaguar on her pendant, she represents the wisdom and power to follow her heart in making the right decisions. The combination of stark illustrations with minimal dialogue creates an almost tangible feeling of displacement and little chance for change. The reader, however, is eventually left with a feeling of hope for her future…” – School Library Connection

“Canizales’s shadow-filled, jungle-focused, black-and-white art captures the pain of displacement from one’s physical and spiritual world . . . [P]resents teens with many compelling visual and emotional moments.”—School Library Journal


Attention Hijacked: Using Mindfulness to Reclaim Your Brain from Tech by Erica B. Marcus

For years, scientists have warned that too much screen time negatively impacts our health. Attention Hijacked explores exactly how technology affects consumers, dispels misinformation, and helps readers make personal usage decisions. Page Plus links lead to mindfulness and meditation audio clips.

Praise for Attention Hijacked

★”Cover[s] various aspects of mindfulness, with Marcus advising students what to do about all the busyness we face in this tech-fueled world. . . . lively and deeply relevant work that is a must for school and public libraries.”—starred, Booklist

“A valuable handbook for developing a healthy relationship with technology.”—Kirkus Reviews

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Glowing Bunnies!: Why We’re Making Hybrids, Chimeras, and Clones by Jeff Campbell

Modern genetic technology has the potential to remake animals in almost any way we can imagine. With reassuring, wry humor, Glowing Bunnies!? explores the possibilities, dangers, and ethical issues of bioengineering.

Praise for Glowing Bunnies!?

“Divided into five parts, this fascinating, detailed text focuses on how genetic engineering could help animal conservation and the extinction crisis, restore damaged ecosystems, make agriculture more efficient and less polluting, create unusual and useful pets, and fight or eliminate disease in both animals and humans. . . . presents safety and ethical pros and cons, raises legal considerations, and asks guided questions but ultimately allows readers to decide for themselves.”—Booklist

“A controversial subject presented with verve that allows readers to make up their own minds.”—Kirkus Reviews

“[T]hose interested in whether the science we can do is the science we should do will find this an invaluable addition to their STEM collection.” – School Library Connection

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