YA Novels that Challenge Assumptions

YA thrillers that challenge assumptions and Truthers

By Editor Amy Fitzgerald

In November of 2015, I checked in with my then-boss, Alix Reid, about her backlog of manuscript submissions. (As a newbie trade editor, I was still dreaming of the day when I, too, would have more manuscripts in my inbox than I could hope to review in a timely manner.) Alix asked me to look at a few submissions that had come her way. “There’s this psychological YA thriller about 9/11 called Truthers . . .” she offered.

I said, “Uhhhhhh . . . huhhhhh.”

“Good title, at least,” she said. Read More

Amazing Animal Books for Kids: 9 Series for Grades K-5

By Lerner Publications Editorial Director Ashley Kuehl

When we talk to librarians, we like to ask about the most popular topics in their libraries. Many of their answers change from season to season, but one topic that remains consistent every year is animals.

Kids love animals and animal books.

So we’re always trying to figure out what kinds of animal books for kids we can make. We also try to come up with intriguing new ways to categorize and highlight animals. Here’s a quick look at a few awesome animal series we’ve published recently. Read More