Zoo Scientists to the Rescue: From the Cutting Room Floor

By Senior Production Designer Erica Johnson

Photographer Annie Crawley, senior graphic designer Emily Harris, and I had a great time putting together Zoo Scientists to the Rescue, a nonfiction book for middle-grade readers that Annie created with author Patricia Newman. Zoo Scientists highlights three scientists who are working to save endangered species. You can learn more about the title on Lerner’s website.

Here we discuss the process of laying out the book–and which images had to be cut. Read More

On the Free Author Coert Voorhees on an Unforgettable Hike

guest post by YA author oOn the Free, Coert Voorhees

Author Coert Voorhees shares a challenging hiking experience that partially inspired his YA wilderness survival novel On the Free

I’ve had some rough outings in my day, but I think my most intense experience came in the Grand Canyon when I was 19 years old. So intense was it, in fact, that I’ve incorporated some elements of this story into On the Free. Read More

The Civil Rights Movement and the Power of Teen Girl Activists

By Carol Hinz, Editorial Director of Millbrook Press and Carolrhoda Books

I was fascinated from the moment author Heather E. Schwartz first mentioned a group of black teen girls protesting for their civil rights in Georgia in 1963. These teen girl activists were locked up in a Civil War-era stockade in Leesburg, Georgia. What stood out the most to me was their incredible strength and resilience. Heather’s book Locked Up for Freedom: Civil Rights Protesters at the Leesburg Stockade tells the story of these teen activists for readers in fifth grade and above. Read More

Meet YA Author and Avid Hiker Coert Voorhees

On the Free YA wilderness survival novelOn the Free, the new YA wilderness survival novel by Coert Voorhees, takes readers on an intense, sometimes frightening trek through the Colorado wilderness. Voorhees tells his story from three different perspectives—and with a level of detail that reveals his own experience outdoors.

We caught up with Coert to find out more about that last part. Read More