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attitude of gratitude

By Mandi Andrejka, Editor, School/Library Planning & Partnerships

#attitudeofgratitude is a trend I’ve seen going around social media over the past months. More specifically, I recently saw a post about an Attitude of Gratitude journal and was immediately intrigued. The idea was that gratitude is a sentiment that we can (and should) express more often. There are so many problems and negativity that are beyond our control, and I liked the idea of taking some time to focus on the good in my life and in the world.

The concept is simple: Write down three positive thoughts or experiences you had that day—anything you feel thankful for, big or small. I started a journal of my own a couple weeks ago and love that this creates time for self-reflection in my day without requiring too much of a time commitment. Sometimes each of my entries are one sentence long. Other days I write more of a paragraph for each. I don’t force myself to write every day, either. Just whenever I feel like it, which usually comes to four or five days a week. It will also be something I can look through on difficult days when I need an extra reminder of all the good things going for me.

Bringing Gratitude to School and the Library

An Attitude of Gratitude journal and other projects like it can easily be brought into a classroom or library—the idea actually came to me from a high school English teacher! For some books that can be paired with an Attitude of Gratitude project, check out:



My Family Celebrates Thanksgiving by Lisa Bullard, illustrated by Katie Saunders



Their Great Gift: Courage, Sacrifice, and Hope in a New Land by John Coy, photographs by Wing Young Hui



I Say Shehechiyanu by Joane Rocklin, illustrated by Monika Filipina



Thanksgiving Rules by Laurie Friedman



It’s Thanksgiving! by Tessa Kenan

Do you do anything for #attitudeofgratitude in your classroom or library? Share with us in the comments!

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