Combating 5 Common Excuses Not to Read This Summer

Summer Reading

The end of the school year is imminent, and most students can’t wait to trade their backpacks for bathing suits. Don’t despair! Summer vacation can be full of educational experiences: traveling to new places, learning a hobby or sport, or interacting with nature at camp. But no matter their plans, there is always time to squeeze in some reading. Read on for our creative responses to some typical excuses to skip summer reading.


Busting Myths on Modern Reading Habits

by Kris Tomes, Associate Digital Product Manager

There are certain things we have come to assume about general reading habits. But armed with survey results, Monique Mongeon from BookNet Canada busted myths left and right at this year’s ebookcraft conference in Toronto. Here are my takeaways from her presentation.

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Make Every Day Earth Day with “Plarn” Crafts for Kids

by Lara Neel, Trade Marketing Manager

Earth Day was, of course, April 22, but this year’s message really translates into something you can do every day: reduce plastic waste. The best way to deal with plastic waste is to use less plastic in your daily life. However, for plastic bags that have already entered your home, there are some ways to put it to good use. Many of those ways use plarn.

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