Dino-Thanksgiving and Dino-Football: Important Changes

by Carol Hinz, Associate Publisher of Millbrook Press and Carolrhoda Books

We all know that dinosaurs are extinct. They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and they most definitely don’t play football! But in the fictional picture book series Lisa Wheeler and Barry Gott created, they do all of these things and more.

After the publication of Dino-Thanksgiving, we received some valuable criticism about the name of one of the football teams, which was a variation of the former name of the Washington Commanders NFL team. The name had originally been created for the book Dino-Football, which was published back in 2012. We took this feedback to heart and decided to make a number of changes both to Dino-Thanksgiving and to Dino-Football.

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High/Low Books to Engage Striving Readers of All Ages

Many students are not reading at grade level. Help striving readers build reading stamina and stay engaged with high-interest low-level content. The more a student reads, the better reader they will become.

This roundup highlights a wide range of dynamic titles for elementary, middle, and high school ­audiences. From graphic novels and celebrity biographies to survival stories and edgy YA fiction, there is something here for every interest.

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Timothy Dinoman Saves the Cat: An Interview with Author and Artist Steve Thueson

Timothy Dinoman Saves the Cat is a colorful middle-grade graphic novel which drops a talking dinosaur into an outrageously funny spy adventure. Some suspected supervillains have stolen a satellite! To learn why, Timothy Dinoman will visit a mountain fortress, a giant blimp, and diner with excellent pancakes—and run into a really cute cat along the way.

Today the author and illustrator Steve Thueson joins us to discuss their inspiration for the book, their favorite spy gadget and more! Read on to find some sketches from Steve’s creative process.

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Meet the Imprints: Kar-Ben Publishing

We continue our stroll through Lerner Publishing Group’s many imprints with a look at Kar-Ben Publishing, the largest publisher of Jewish children’s books in the world. Read on to learn more about the broad publishing program Kar-Ben enjoys and some of our most familiar and popular books in the imprint.

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