Exploring North American Biomes

Cones from a spruce tree crunch under your boots. You pause to rest on a rock covered in green moss and colorful lichens. From a nearby treetop, you hear the high-pitched song of a magnolia warbler. To an experienced explorer, the signs are obvious. You’re in a boreal forest!

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On Artist Shortlists and The Floating Field

By Danielle Carnito, Art Director

Making a list of possible artists for picture books is standard procedure here. We make shortlist through searching for style, through thought, through discussion, through sharing top picks with the author, through Ooohs and Aaaahs and “Wouldn’t it be great if (insert famous illustrator name) could work on this book?” We — in this case designer Viet, editor Carol, and Art Director me — spend time carefully finding and talking through the many possibilities and narrow to shortlist of artists, whom I then start reaching out to with the illustration proposal.

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Librarian Prep Post for April

By Tom Czech

April is an interesting time. On one hand, it’s a breath of fresh air; the birds are chirping again, the temperature is creeping back up the thermometer, and the infamous and imminent Spring blizzard is well out of our minds (can’t wait for that big surprise!)

Yet, on the other hand, we’re still a ways away from normalcy, the school year is approaching its final push, and the stresses of day-to-day life continue to weigh heavily.

To bridge this gap between both the fun and the anxiety of the changing seasons, we’ve put together our reader’s advisory and booklists for April! Again focused on bringing you as many solutions as possible to the dilemma of providing online book displays for your children, we hope that you can find something that inspires you to inspire them!

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