Some of Our Most Talked-About Titles in 2018: Part 1

Talked About Books 2018

Greg Hunter, the Associate Editorial Director for Graphic Universe, and Amy Fitzgerald, the Associate Editorial Director for Carolrhoda Novels, have stopped by the blog to share a few notes about some of their most talked-about titles for this year. So, without further ado, here they are! Read More

Lerner Remembers: Our Favorite Halloween Memories


By Kate Schefer, Digital Products Coordinator

Halloween is almost here! It may seem like all the stores have skipped right over it, with their Christmas and Hanukkah displays, but I intend to relish it. I think I enjoy Halloween so much because it happens during my favorite time of year, and it involves some of my favorite things: eating candy, getting crafty, and parties with friends! Read More

Cover Design for Girls on the Line

girls on the line cover

By Emily Harris, Senior Graphic Designer

I enjoy working on jigsaw puzzles, which is probably part of the reason why I love my job so much. Every book cover is a new challenge, and it often feels like I’m putting a puzzle together. For example, how do you take a 232-page book set in China about two best friends who work together in a factory, and deal with some very challenging events and situations in their lives, and sum all of this up in a compelling visual?

Read More

Attitude of Gratitude Journals

attitude of gratitude

By Mandi Andrejka, Editor, School/Library Planning & Partnerships

#attitudeofgratitude is a trend I’ve seen going around social media over the past months. More specifically, I recently saw a post about an Attitude of Gratitude journal and was immediately intrigued. The idea was that gratitude is a sentiment that we can (and should) express more often. There are so many problems and negativity that are beyond our control, and I liked the idea of taking some time to focus on the good in my life and in the world. Read More