Combating 5 Common Excuses Not to Read This Summer

Summer Reading

by Kate Schefer, Digital Products Coordinator

The end of the school year is imminent, and most students can’t wait to trade their backpacks for bathing suits. But don’t despair! Summer vacation can be full of educational experiences: traveling to new places, learning a hobby or sport, or interacting with nature at camp. But no matter their plans, there is always time to squeeze in some reading. Read on for our creative responses to some typical excuses to skip summer reading.

1. “I’m traveling and won’t have space for books in my suitcase.”

But you’ll certainly have space for your phone/tablet, right? Lucky for you, Lerner Digital offers more than 1,000 titles that can be downloaded to a device for offline reading. With a mix of fiction and non-fiction, reading levels, and genres, everyone is guaranteed to find a handful of books perfect for summer travel.

2. “I can’t read a book while I run/swim/hike.”

Chances are, you’re already listening to music on a device to get through your workout. In a few more clicks, you can download and listen to a Lerner Digital audiobook instead! With hundreds of options, many of them engaging novels that’ll last through the most grueling workout, students can stay active and educated.

3. “I just want to play video games every day.”

That’s great for rainy days, or if you catch a cold, but just because you aren’t going out of town, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of fun around you. Did you know that if your local library is a Lerner Digital customer, you can access eBooks with your library card? You can check out any of the 5,000 titles we offer, including a number of books about video games, their creators, and how to make them for yourself.

4. “I don’t like reading on my own.”

For struggling readers, reading outside of the classroom can seem daunting. Our collection of Interactive Books, as well as Audisee eBooks with Audio, makes the experience accessible to every student. With text highlighting, professional narration, glossary terms, and related activities and quizzes, students can delve deep into these books at their own pace. Readers can rely on our enhanced eBooks to guide them to better reading comprehension and conquer the summer slide.

5. “I have a summer job and no time to read.”

For older students who have to spend their summers in a restaurant or at a pool, their precious free time is cut in half, leaving much less time for socializing and traveling. Of course there’s no time to read! Remind them that books come in many digestible formats, and can be accessed on any device with the FREE Lerner eReader app. Listen to an audiobook during your commute to work, or keep a book in your locker to read during your lunch break. Or, when you do get off work and hang out with your friends, consider creating a book club. Those tedious book reports will be a lot more enjoyable when shared with friends.

We hope our approach to summer reading excuses has given you some inspiration on how to encourage your readers to keep a book (in any form!) nearby. There’s always a book that is perfect for any place. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the car, on a beach, or even on the couch! Familiarize yourself with our catalog to make recommendations, or sign up for a FREE 30-day trial here.

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