Tune In to New Lerner Audiobooks

Lerner audiobooks

By Kate Schefer, Digital Products Coordinator

We’re excited to unveil new Lerner audiobooks for you this year. 165 new titles can now be enjoyed in print, digital, and enhanced formats, to appeal to every kind of reader, skill level, and interest. The most portable of its kind, the audiobook can provide education and entertainment wherever you go, and encourage young readers to fill their free time with the written (or spoken) word.

Read on for a few new Lerner audiobooks, which you can find at audiobook retailers today!

Guinea Dog 1-3

Everyone’s favorite furry pet comes to life in the audio for three books in this popular series. They’ll love to listen along to Fido and Rufus’s adventures, making these books perfect for road trips and quiet reading time at home.

The Contest

Audiobooks are most popular among older readers, so this YA series is the perfect thing to draw them in and keep them entertained. A mysterious “Benefactor” has contacted four teens who could really use the money he offers, if they just complete 10 tasks. With each teen narrating their own book, and the final one in turns, listeners will feel closer to the story and its characters, and invested in the suspense right up until the end.

Bumba Books™ en español

With multiple series of our popular Spanish translations now available, these easily digestible books are perfect for short car rides to piano lessons or soccer practice, and help with listening comprehension and pronunciation for those just learning Spanish. Learn about ocean animals, sports, vehicles, and more!

Lightning Bolt Books™ – Biome Explorers and Searchlight Books™ – What Do You Know About Maps?

Learning about geography and topography has never been so accessible and fun. These detailed books about the world’s environments and how we learn about them are a great accompaniment to the print books, making these an effective learning tool for increasing fluency and reading level. Listeners can explore new terrains, and map their course to them without leaving their seat!

Masters of Disguise


Kids will delight in the descriptions of sneaky bugs and birds in this book about animals that survive by tricking predators and prey alike. Colorful text and outrageous stories will keep them engaged while they secretly learn about science, biology, and nature.

With subject matter and reading levels for every kind of learner, in the ever-accessible audiobook format, each child is certain to find Lerner audiobooks they’ll enjoy. Visit your favorite audiobook retailer to discover more of our offerings.

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