Login to Lerner Digital… with Your Public Library Card

Special thanks to Jeff Mitchell for the following post!

Library cards are often the beloved relics of the wallet. A sturdy library card from your public library will usually stick around longer than your driver’s license (requires renewal), credit cards (expiration dates), and certainly your cash (obviously). Maybe some of you proud Luddites out there still carry prints of school pictures, and maybe there’s one or two random business cards of mysterious origin, but even so, your library card might be the wisest and most traveled companion you have on you right this minute.
Happiness is having your own library card!
-Sally Brown, Peanuts

They’re great, they’re useful, they’re a rite of passage, and they’ve adapted just fine to the digital age, thank you.

In fact, when public libraries use Lerner Digital, patrons can use their library cards to easily access Lerner Digital titles at ebooks.lernerbooks.com. How? If your library is a Lerner Digital customer, simply locate your library in the Public Library Card Login dropdown and enter your library card barcode number.

That’s all that’s needed to enjoy Lerner Digital’s expanding catalog of eBooks, Interactive Books, and Audisee® eBooks with Audio (even during Summer vacation)!

If you are a librarian, consider the outstanding collection of titles and products available from Lerner Digitaland the easy access we can offer. If you’re a patron, ask if your library has ebooks.lernerbooks.com for you to use.

And if you’re curious about our titles either way, please register for our FREE 30-Day Trial


Happy reading!