Maurice Sendak (1928-2012)

sendak interview

The Sendak interview excerpt above, from NPR Books, was making the rounds on Facebook last week and, for me, sums up Sendak’s delightful ability to find logic in absurdity. It also somehow reminded me of one of my favorite lines from Notorious, a classic Hitchcock film from 1946. At one point, secret agent Alicia Huberman (played by Ingrid Bergman) is describing to her handler T.R. Devlin (played by Cary Grant) a fuss over a bottle of wine among dinner guests hosted by her undercover Nazi husband, Alex Sebastian. Devlin asks her what was in the bottle, and she says “Nothing. It was wine. We drank it.” We later learn that the wine bottles are indeed storing something awful, and it’s up to Alicia and Devlin to discover the Nazi secret! Watch the clip below for the fuss and the “It was wine, we drank it” line at around 6:10.