January has become Sally Walker month in my office. It’s also, by my declaration, editorial shoe disclosure month (precedent). Just wait and see how the two go together. First, as you might have heard, it’s insanely cold in Minnesota. Your humble blogger recently acquired a pair of Steger Mukluks IMG00083(yes, that Steger), so he could feel his feet when he got to work. I find myself tempted to wear these not-so-fashionable boots at my desk (photo, left), when I’m working on the photos for Sally’s next book, which is about Antarctica. It is simply not possible to read about and look at photos of Scott, Amundsen, and especially Titus Oates and stay warm.


A Very Gallant Gentleman by John Charles Dollman.

Written in BoneThe rest of you, however,  get to bask in the relative warmth of Sally’s latest published book, Written in Bone, for which the required accessories  might be a modern toothbrush. As librarian and Booklist Bookends blogger Lynn Rutan writes:

“I learned SO much with this book and it was filled with the most deliciously yucky facts! Who would guess you could die of a toothache?”

Written in Bone is one of five nominees for YALSA’s first annual Excellence in Nonfiction Award, to be announced at the upcoming Midwinter Meeting. You can read YALSA’s interview with Sally here.

Top photo courtesy of Subarctic Mama, a blogger whose review had made me buy my new boots.

2 thoughts on “Sally!

  1. Blythe

    I look forward to the Antarctica book. For the record, my husband spent a couple of seasons doing research there–with all the modern conveniences technology has to offer. It might be warmer in McMurdo than Minneapolis today. Keep an eye on anybody who says, “I'm just going outside and I may be for some time.”

    (And the best essay I ever read about shoes is “Walk a Century in My Shoes: Minnesota 1900-2000” by Annette Atkins.)

  2. Sally

    Great minds think alike: I'm just back from a mile long test hike in my brand new Vasque hiking boots. I'm glad to say that they were both comfy and warm in our new layer of 8 inch snow. So, success! And now I will munch on the potato chips that I bought while out on my icy adventure.

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