Illustrator Q&A: Scott Roberts on Creating Wordless Graphic Novels

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By Graphic Universe Associate Editorial Director Greg Hunter

Belinda the UnbeatableGame for Adventure wordless graphic novels title Belinda the Unbeatable , the second volume of the Game for Adventure series of wordless graphic novels for early readers, tells the story of an outrageous game of musical chairs and a friendship between competitors (or, if you prefer, a competition between friends).

The book, by two-time Eisner nominee Lee Nordling (BirdCatDog and SheHeWe) and artist Scott Roberts, involves an original, fantastical landscape—as a school gymnasium transforms into a colorful obstacle course—and strong character dynamics, captured in a story that’s entirely word-free from front to back.

In other words, creating the art for a book like Belinda is no small feat. So with Belinda the Unbeatable set to arrive this fall, I asked Roberts for thoughts about his process in bringing this game to life. Read More