Fall into a World of Color with Crayola®!

By Megan Ciskowski, Associate Publicist

Fall is the perfect time for students to explore the natural world. Luckily, we have the perfect releases of Crayola ® titles to help your classroom jump back into learning. The Crayola ® Makers series offers activities to challenge and engage young readers. Or supplement science lessons with the Crayola ® Creatures series, featuring vivid, full-color photographs that perfectly match the text. The possibilities are endless with an infinite supply of inspiring colors around the world!

Crayola ® Our Colorful Earth: Celebrating the Natural World by Marie-Therese Miller

Interest Level: PreK – Grade 3
Reading Level: Grade 1 – Grade 2

Readers explore rainbow mountains, pink sand beaches, and more and learn the science behind some of nature’s most colorful geographical formations.

Crayola ® Creature Colors by Christy Peterson

Interest Level: PreK – Grade 3
Reading Level: Grade 1 – Grade 2

Jewel-toned beetles, rosy-pink salmon, and neon-green tree pythons are just a few of the countless colorful animals that inhabit Earth. Young readers will explore different classes and types of animals and learn about their habitats, food webs, and life cycles.

Crayola ® Amphibian Colors

From the bright colors of poisonous frogs to the way spots help salamanders hide, Crayola explores the world of amphibians. Readers will learn about amphibians’ prey and predators, life cycles, and habitats.

Crayola ® Bird Colors

From little yellow canaries to big brown ostriches, explore the colorful world of birds! Readers will be amazed by the beauty and variety of these fascinating feathered animals while learning about their habitats and behaviors.

Crayola ® Fish Colors

Lakes and oceans alike are filled with colorful fish! Readers will learn fascinating information about fish characteristics and life cycles while admiring the wide variety of color found in these underwater creatures.

Crayola ® Insect Colors

Invite readers to explore the exciting world of insects with the help of Crayola. Learn all about different insect characteristics, habitats, diets, and life cycles in this engaging introduction.

Crayola ® Mammal Colors

Dive deep into the colorful world of mammals with Crayola. From the ocean to land, explore mammals’ diverse habitats and diets and discover what connects them to same part of the animal kingdom.

Crayola ® Reptile Colors

Explore the vivid world of reptiles, from chameleons using color to communicate to snakes changing colors as they grow. Readers will be wowed by the stunning variety of reptiles’ characteristics, diets, and habitats.

Crayola ® Makers by Rebecca Felix

Interest Level: Grade 3 – Grade 5
Reading Level: Grade 2 – Grade 3

These fun activity books integrate active nonfiction with STEAM: science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Step-by-step instructions and colorful photos guide readers through hands-on activities and inspire them to develop a maker mindset.

Crayola ® Colorful STEAM Activities

Explore STEAM with hands-on activities! Experiment with color to grow crystals with paint and salt, use kitchen ingredients to create works of art, and more! Each activity is created in partnership with Crayola.

Crayola ® Nature STEAM Activities

These projects and experiments show readers elements of STEAM they can see in nature every day. Build a sundial and a wind vane, and collect leaves, grass, and bugs for observation and exploration.

Crayola ® Rainy-Day STEAM Activities

STEAM activities are a fun way to spend rainy days indoors! Create a working winch, paint with salt, and build a kaleidoscope with common kitchen materials.

Crayola ® Super Simple STEAM Activities

Use everyday materials to explore STEAM principles! Build a maze from paper plates and chenille stems, create collages with overlapping mediums, make a mosaic out of clay, and explore tessellations by remixing art.

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