Animals Eat What?: Disgusting Meals in Bite-Size Pieces (Browseable Nonfiction)

By Andrea Nelson, Associate Managing Editor of Partnered and Packaged Product

This spring, Lerner Publications launched the browseable nonfiction series Animals Eat What? This series takes a look at the nasty and unusual elements of animal diets, and fits into the browseable category of Melissa Stewart’s Five Kinds of Nonfiction. Read on to learn more about these awesomely disgusting books, and the just-plain-awesomeness of browseable nonfiction.

From rabbits that consume feces to absorb missed nutrients to parasitic tapeworms that eat creatures from the inside, these four books are chock-full of facts that will make readers squirm and squeal. Accompanying the informational text are funny asides from one of the world’s most notorious dung-eaters—the fly—and each conclusion gets kids thinking about the icky things they might be eating, intentionally or not! Elementary-age readers with a taste for gross facts will delight in learning more about the wild and wacky meals getting gobbled up in the animal kingdom.

In addition to having that ever-desirable gross-out factor, these titles will appeal to kids because of their browseable format. The books can be read from cover to cover for readers who want to know absolutely everything, but other readers have the freedom to focus on the content that really interests them. Each spread highlights a specific animal, making it easy for kids to open up to any page and get reading. On the page, information is organized in short, quickly digestible pieces. Readers can pick and choose facts that interest them—or that they think will be the most nauseating to share over the lunch table with their friends. Bon appétit!

Browseable Nonfiction is a category of Melissa Stewart’s Five Kinds of Nonfiction. This post is part of a weekly series of guest articles by nonfiction authors about their craft, their process, and their amazing books. Stay tuned each week to learn more by visiting the 5 Kinds of Nonfiction page for poster and flyer downloads, curated booklists and more. You can also follow the Lerner Blog’s 5 Kinds of Nonfiction series, or the hashtag #5KNF on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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