New Audisee and Audiobook Titles Bring The Natural World to Life

Here at Lerner, our Digital imprint is always looking for ways to deliver our award-winning educational content to audiences in all formats. Our enhanced eBooks are a great way to keep your students reading in the classroom and at home. Read on for a quick overview of new Audisee eBook with Audio and Audiobook titles out this fall.

Wonders of nature for older readers

Some of our most compelling nonfiction titles have focused on unique, strange, and rare animals and their adaptations. How can plants protect themselves from predators? Why is this fish covered in slime? How is a gecko like a ninja? Read along with any of these titles to find out more about these strange creatures.

Introducing natural concepts

For the beginner reader crowd, Audisee ebooks with audio are particularly suited to convey knowledge, build reading comprehension and vocabularies. This season’s titles tell the stories of turtle hatchlings’ first crucial moments of life, how various animals survive harsh winters, and what certain unique creatures look like on a microscopic level. With even more informative backmatter, these titles are a great jumping-off point for more research and learning.

Real animal stories

Animal scientists are out in the field, at zoos and other rehabilitation centers, for years at a time working on very specific problems and cases. This season, we cover the story of a gorilla starting a family in a zoo, as well as the mystery of where the zebras have gone. With plenty of first-person interviews and footage, these titles will appeal to animal-lovers and budding scientists alike.

We love dogs

Do you own a dog? Do you wish you did? There are many different dog breeds, and many different things to consider when taking in a new furry pet. Our Lightning Bolt Books series Who’s a Good Dog? will walk you through all the highlights (and lowlights) of popular breeds to help you find the dog that’s right for you.

Super Potato

Everyone’s favorite starchy super hero is back in his latest installment. This time, Super Potato must fight giant chickens, among other mutated animals. Will he find the villain responsible for this deed? Will he be able to defeat them in time? Expertly narrated, the Audisee eBook with Audio format of this popular graphic novel brings Super Potato’s latest wacky adventure to life.

Learn more about all of our digital formats, and try them out, here.

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