5 Ways to Use Audisee® eBooks with Audio in the Classroom

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By Kate Schefer, Digital Products Coordinator

We’ve discussed the benefits of Audisee® eBooks with Audio for struggling readers before in this post. But you may still be wondering how to incorporate them into your classroom. In today’s post, we’ll provide you with 5 unique ways to implement Audisee eBooks in your classroom, to the greatest benefit of all your students.

1. Have students read independently

Especially useful for SSR, children can choose not only between books, but formats. Struggling readers will appreciate the chance to read and listen to an Audisee eBook at the same time that their more fluent peers are reading standard eBooks or print books. They’ll feel like they’re keeping up, while Audisee helps increase their fluency and comprehension. For older students, consider The Contest series, featuring high-stakes hi-lo fiction.

Audisee eBooks - Stay in the Game

2. Have students read individually with guidance

If struggling readers have separate time to work with an aide on improving reading comprehension, consider using an Audisee book. The student can feel in control but look to an adult for clarification. Play and pause buttons allow them to stop and ask questions. A title like Ball Game Math combines reading and math skills, making it ideal for 1:1 instruction.

3. Guide a small group through a book

Sports and history are always appealing topics. For example, The Negro Leagues is a recent Audisee title perfect for small groups that are interested in baseball.

Audisee books appeal to all types of learners: kinesthetic, auditory, and visual, so students can benefit in different ways, saving you time in creating lessons for each one.

Audisee eBooks - The Negro Leagues

4. Guide the entire class through a book

An Audisee book like The Great Monkey Rescue is a great nonfiction selection for a class-wide reading of an Audisee eBook with Audio. Professional narrators help with fluency and vocabulary, and sentence-by-sentence highlighting will keep students engaged and on-track. Shorter chapters and sidebars provide plenty of opportunities to stop and ask critical thinking questions.

Audisee ebooks - The Great Monkey Rescue

5. Have students read independently at home and discuss in class

As we’re nearing a holidays, you may find some students will avoid reading during the upcoming break. Encourage them to download a few Audisee eBooks with Audio to listen on their personal devices during the break, and facilitate discussions once you return for the new year.

With hundreds of selections, from picture to chapter books, nonfiction to fiction, and sci-fi to history, every student will be able to find a few titles that pique their interest and keep them engaged and learning over the break.

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