Ever After: The Perfect October Read

By Greg Hunter, Editorial Director, Graphic Universe

Vivi and Eva are two travelers in a countryside filled with the undead. The survivors of their world live behind barricades—and live in fear of the next attack. After a train breaks down, stranding Vivi and Eva between safe zones, the young women partner up to stay alive. Vivi is struggling with grief—and guilt—over the loss of her sister. Eva is hiding the start of a horrifying transformation. Together they’ll face intense heat, zombie hordes, and their own inner demons, searching for signs of life in a land of the dead.

Full of vivid, colorful artwork, Olivia Vieweg’s YA horror graphic novel Ever After is a poetic take on an enduring genre. Vieweg’s multidimensional characters are vulnerable but resilient, and the story of their uneasy friendship will stay with readers long after they have finished the book. Be sure to grab a copy before it’s time for Halloween reading!

Praise for Ever After

“Vieweg’s art is captivating in its play between light and dark: the lush, sunny countryside is awash with golden tones with cheerful pops of purple and pink, but the brightness is interrupted with jabs of blood red and night black when the zombies attack, bringing a gruesomeness to the otherwise idyllic setting. As with any apocalyptic tale, there is commentary on the reckless ambition of humans, but this is mostly a story about forgiveness, and the girls’ journey reveals there are ways to live with the worst in ourselves even as we move forward.” —BULLETIN OF THE CENTER FOR CHILDREN’S BOOKS

“Vieweg offers an art-house take on a normally gory and typically action-packed subject and focuses on the now, rather than the how, of the apocalypse. [..] A melancholic but multicolored apocalyptic tale told with originality.” —KIRKUS REVIEWS

“Ideally suited for this dark fairy tale, Vieweg’s art is dreamy and pastel, save for the splatters of blood and the horrors of nighttime and attacks by the undead. […] Both thoughtful and terrifying, and an unexpected take on a familiar premise.” —SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

Ever After is such a heartwarming story about friendship and staying together no matter what when there’s no one else around. Its an apocalyptic story about zombies, friendship and seeking happiness against the chaos the world has brought over in the vile creatures of zombies. The illustrations and colour of the story throughout are absolutely beautiful and captivating. It made me unable to pick it down and instead feel like soaking in the graphic novel, of the illustrations and the story.” [Five Stars] —LEGENBOOKSDARY

“The artwork in this graphic novel was also breathtaking. It added a whole new level of horror to the story, and many of the pages were truly terrifying to look at. […] Ever After would be perfect for fans of zombie stories, body horror, or horror in general.” —LITERARY LIZARD

“Zombies may be ugly, but the art in this graphic novel is on another level. The deep, swirling colours and vast pastoral scenes (dotted with zombies, of course) offer a gorgeous contrast. I felt in some scenes like the art was reminiscent of the same sorts of lines that Van Gogh used. Just really, really stunning art.” —NOVEL SHRINK

“A beautifully illustrated story of two young women fighting for survival not only against monsters but their own past mistakes.” —WEEKEND NOTES

“I loved this so much. It had me on the edge of my seat the entire time with wanting to know what was going to happen next, and I wasn’t disappointed at all . . . I would honestly read this over and over again!” —NETGALLEY REVIEWER BOOKISHJAY

“This graphic novel was beautiful! The colors, the illustrations, it was all so beautiful. I could not get enough of it. I kept looking at the panels and flipping back and when I was done reading I even went back and just looked at some pages to see certain panels again. On top of the beautiful illustrations and colors, the story was amazing.” —NETGALLEY REVIEWER CHEYANNA W

“In spite of the sheer icy terror that grips your heart, it will be impossible to stop reading this graphic novel until you turn the last page.” —NETGALLEY REVIEWER PRATISTHA D

“A comic experience that combines eye-catching images, an intriguing story, and elements of supernatural suspense. Sure to grab young adult readers.” —NETGALLEY REVIEWER DR J READS

“[A]an absolute delight to read. The vivid colour of the illustrations were almost hypnotic, and the story was all at once heartfelt, touching, creepy, harrowing and horrific.” —NETGALLEY REVIEWER PETER H

“Even if zombies aren’t your thing (because generally they certainly aren’t mine) I recommend giving this one ago! It has lovely character arcs and is a pretty quick read.” —NETGALLEY REVIEWER TESS D

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