A House Divided Book Trailer, Buzz and a Podcast

The exciting new graphic novel, A House Divided, has a book trailer and has been getting a lot of attention!

“Being a teenager is hard, but for one unsuspecting orphan, it’s about to get a lot harder when she discovers a familial connection she never knew…  As the book’s subtitle suggests, A HOUSE DIVIDED concerns itself with the life awaiting 15-year-old Henrietta Achilles as she arrives in the mysterious town of Malrenard to take ownership of the home of an uncle she never met. There is, as you might expect, more to the home, and the uncle, than first meets the eye, and soon Henrietta is dealing with a life filled with pirates, bandits and statues that have a tendency to talk far more than anticipated.”—HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“Fantastic… A House Divided: The Accursed Inheritance of Henrietta Lacks is an absolute delight. Written by Haiko Hörnig and illustrated by Marius Pawlitza, the book kicks off the series with a bang (or several) and introduces a world of magic, mayhem and malarkey. There are hints of Fantasia and Tangled here, as well as references to Dungeons and Dragons and more. The story Hörnig and Pawlitza are crafting is original, but it feels familiar — which makes it all the more entertaining.”—CBR

“An absolute delight.…Drawing on classic fantasy role-playing games, A HOUSE DIVIDED focuses on orphan heroine Henrietta Achilles, who gets drawn out of obscurity when a mysterious dead uncle leaves her his unique house as a gift. The only problem is, there are lots of other people (like bandits and pirates) who would like the house and its treasures for themselves. Thankfully, this is only the first of four planned graphic novels in the series.”—ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

“Entertaining.”—KIRKUS REVIEWS

“A love letter to RPGs”—COMICCON.com

The Accursed Inheritance of Henriette Achilles is a fun romp. Targeted toward the YA crowd and with a distinctly tabletop gamer flavor, it’s a story that never takes itself too seriously or darkly, but is fast-paced, comical and exciting enough to keep even this adult’s interest. The fast and frequently comical pace is almost reminiscent of a Mel Brooks film. Dashing rogues, smarmy politicians, talking statues, curious and haunty creatures and stuffy militia. Oh, and stolen quiche.  It’s a blast.”—THE PULLBOX

“Positively delightful.”—COMICS NOW

“A whole lot of charm… The perfect slice of escapism during these trying times.”—AIPT

“Truly breathtaking… a really fun graphic novel”—GOOD MEN PROJECT

Wondrous… Full of adventure and perfect for those that enjoy role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons… A joy to read.”—COMIC BUZZ

“Drawn in a very dynamic style, this adventure is a tribute to all the role-playing games the creators played as kids.”—GEEK DAD

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