Happy Book Birthday: New Picture Books, Middle Grade and YA

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Picture Books

If We Were Gone: Imagining the World without People written by John Coy and illustrated by Natalie Capannelli

Water, air, sunlight, plants . . . we need these elements to live in this world. But does the world need us? This thought-provoking picture book explores how nature would reclaim the Earth if humans were gone and inspires readers to care for our planet.

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Praise for If We Were Gone

“It’s remarkably easy to imagine the earth without people, but not vice versa. John Coy makes a simple, compelling case for protecting our home planet.”—Denis Hayes, national coordinator of the first Earth Day and environmental advocate

Flash and Gleam: Light in Our World written by Sue Fliess and illustrated by Khoa Le

The soft glow of a candle, the blink of a firefly, a burst of fireworks—light is everywhere in our world! Rhyming text and luminous illustrations follow four children as they experience many different forms of light.

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Praise for Flash and Gleam

“[S]uccessfully depicts both scientific and cultural experiences in impressive variety and connections. A ray of light, both illuminating and beautiful.”—Kirkus Reviews

Middle Grade

Fly Back, Agnes written by Elizabeth Atkinson

Twelve-year-old Agnes hates everything about her life: her name, her parents’ divorce, her best friend’s abandonment, her changing body… So while staying with her dad over the summer, she decides to become someone else.

Praise for Fly Back Agnes

“A beautifully written, deft, imaginative portrayal of a girl on the cusp of becoming herself and discovering her own powers.”—Kate Christensen, PEN/Faulkner award-winning author of The Great Man and The Last Cruise

“Agnes’s story is full of revelations. The truth is delicate and durable—and different than it appears.”—Blythe Woolston, author of MARTians

“Elizabeth Atkinson has written a tenderhearted coming-of-age novel that gives you all the feels—each character as intriguing and multilayered as the next.”—Danielle Joseph, author of Shrinking Violet, Indigo Blues, and Pure Red

Fly Back, Agnes is a charming novel that I read in one sitting. Elizabeth Atkinson has crafted a quirky yet tender story that also manages to explore some of the deep challenges faced by today’s youth. I loved this book and am ready to pack my bags and head off to rural Vermont!”—Laurie Friedman, author of the Mallory series

Fly Back, Agnes settles right in your heart. The storytelling holds you tight with secrets abounding all round.”—Terry Farish, author of The Good Braider and Either the Beginning or the End of the World

Graphic Novels

Distant Stars (Life on Earth Book 3) written and illustrated by MariNaomi

Claudia Jones—the missing student who reappeared with a pair of identical guardians—may be having an alien effect on other students. As the trio puts the final plan in motion, they reveal a truth linking the fates of everyone at Blithedale High.

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Praise for Distant Stars

“A tremendous finale to a singular trilogy.”—Kirkus Reviews

The Wolf in Underpants Freezes His Buns Off written by Wilfrid Lupano and illustrated by Mayana Itoïz and Paul Cauuet

In the second tale of The Wolf in Underpants, winter has arrived and the whole forest is freezing! As animals stock up on nuts, bread, and cheese wheels, they notice the Wolf is in a frosty mood. Then smaller critters begin to disappear. Will fear grip the forest once again? Or is another lesson on the way?

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Praise for The Wolf in Underpants Freezes His Buns Off

★”Lupano’s message of kindness and perception shines. . . . [A] must-read.”—starred, Kirkus Reviews


Open Fire written by Amber Lough

In 1917 Russia, seventeen-year-old Katya joins the first all-female battalion to fight the Germans, but she soon finds that patriotism alone isn’t enough to help her survive the realities of war.

Praise for Open Fire

★”[A] lively, passionate novel set in a pressurized time, in which a strong-minded girl displays inspiring commitment.”—starred, Foreword Reviews

“A compelling feminist snapshot of a country—and a girl—at a revolutionary crossroads.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Katya is a heroine to ache for, and her story is a stunning, vibrant glimpse of a rare moment in women’s history.”—Elizabeth Wein, author of Code Name Verity, Rose Under Fire, and The Pearl Thief


Votes of Confidence, 2nd Edition: A Young Person’s Guide to American Elections written by Jeff Fleischer

How does the election cycle work? What changed in the last election? And how can teens get involved? Updated for the 2020 election cycle, this edition provides the next generation of voters with essential guidance about the past, present, and future of American elections.

Praise for Votes of Confidence, 2nd Edition

“[A] solid and timely foundation.”—Kirkus Reviews

I See 1, 2, 3: Count Your Community with Sesame Street ® written by Jennifer Boothroyd

©2020 Sesame Workshop®, Sesame Street®, and associated characters, trademarks, and design elements are owned and licensed by Sesame Workshop. All rights reserved.

Count along with Sesame Street! The Count enlists his friends to demonstrate many ways to count: forwards, backwards, and by 2s, 5s, and 10s. Elmo and others also present simple addition exercises in this fun introduction to math concepts.

Spread from I See 1, 2, 3. ©2020 Sesame Workshop®, Sesame Street®, and associated characters, trademarks, and design elements are owned and licensed by Sesame Workshop. All rights reserved.

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