Happy Book Birthday: New Picture Books, Middle Grade and YA

by Megan Ciskowski, Assistant Publicist

Check out April new releases from Lerner Publishing Group!

Picture Books

A Is for Another Rabbit written and illustrated by Hannah Batsel

A rabbit-obsessed narrator makes an owl increasingly irate by refusing to play by the rules of a conventional alphabet book. Every entry is about bunnies! Author-illustrator Hannah Batsel will delight readers with this ridiculous, rollicking, rabbit-themed picture book.

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Praise for A Is for Another Rabbit

★”An excellent elementary-age read-aloud. Creative, comedic, and carrot-loads of fun.”—starred, Kirkus Reviews

“Numerous visual jokes in the acrylic-and black-ink illustrations will keep readers entertained. . . . great fun for story time!”—Booklist

Dads written by John Coy and photography by Wing Young Huie

Simple, poetic text and striking photographs celebrate all that fathers do—from working and fixing to cooking and hugging. Diverse and inclusive, this book is a perfect Father’s Day gift!

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Praise for Dads

“A refreshingly real-life view of fatherhood.”—Kirkus Reviews

Play Like an Animal! Why Critters Splash, Race, Twirl, and Chase written by Maria Gianferrari and illustrated by Mia Powell

Exuberant text celebrates all the ways animals play, from rhinos taking mud baths and parrots somersaulting through the air to kangaroos boxing and dolphins diving through the surf. Additional text addresses the science of why play is important.

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Praise for Play Like an Animal!

“An inviting choice for animal-lovers.”—Booklist

“A lively addition to the animal shelf.”—Kirkus Reviews

“A fun way for children to realize that animals play just like them.”—School Library Journal


Garfield’s ® Guide to Lasagna: Cooking Nature’s Perfect Food written by Rebecca E. Hirsch

Copyright: © Paws. All Rights Reserved.

Dive into this delicious exploration of a truly flawless food—lasagna! Traditional lasagna, dessert lasagna, and even a breakfast lasagna are included with step-by-step instructions and fun asides and commentary from Garfield, Odie, and friends.

Middle Grade – New in Paperback

The Wheel of Life and Death written by Julian Sedgwick and illustrated by Patricia Moffett

As the Mysterium circus heads to a festival in Berlin, Danny races to unmask the traitor within the troupe and the truth behind his parents’ death . . . before disaster strikes again.

Graphic Novels

The Accursed Inheritance of Henrietta Achilles (A House Divided #1) written by Haiko Hörnig and illustrated by Marius Pawlitza

Henrietta is summoned to the strange town of Malrenard and discovers she’s inheriting a house filled with squabbling squatters—bandits, soldiers, and monsters. What’s more, misfired curses and escaped creatures are spilling into the town. Can Henrietta get her house in order?

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Praise for The Accursed Inheritance of Henrietta Achilles

“Beautifully drawn, great facial expressions, great humor and mystery and fun, all the things you want an adventure fantasy comic to be!”—Kate Beaton

“An entertaining adventure.”—Kirkus Reviews


Somebody Told Me written by Mia Siegert

After an assault, bigender teen Aleks/Alexis moves in with their uncle, a Catholic priest. When they overhear parishioners’ confessions through a wall, their instinct is to anonymously help. But what will they do when another priest confesses to sexual abuse?

Praise for Somebody Told Me

Somebody Told Me will stay with you long after you finish the final page and fuel a conversation that needs to be had.”—Alice Reeds, author of Echoes

“I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone.”—Chris Kluwe, former NFL player and author of Otaku

“Siegert pulls no punches, tackling issues such as abuse of power, and acceptance, head-on in this important page-turning novel.”—Helene Dunbar, author of We Are Lost and Found

“The heart-wrenching and hopeful look at faith, gender, and sexuality I’ve been waiting for. A compelling and captivating read.”—Kate Brauning, author of How We Fall

“Impossible to forget.”—Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, author of Firsts, Last Girl Lied To, and All Eyes On Her

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