Happy Book Birthday! New YA from Lerner

By Libby Stille

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Fugly by Claire Waller


In real life, eighteen-year-old Beth is overweight, shy, and geeky. She’s been bullied all her life, and her only refuge is food. Online, though, she’s a vicious troll who targets the beautiful, vain, oversharing It Girls of the internet. When she meets Tori, a fellow troll, she becomes her online girlfriend-slash-partner-in-crime.

But then Tori picks a target who’s a little too close to home for Beth. Unsettled, Beth decides to quit their online bullying partnership. The only problem is, Tori is not willing to let her go.

Praise for Fugly

★”Doesn’t shy away from the dark side of young adulthood and the insecurity that can drive a smart teen to extremes.”—starred, Kirkus Reviews

“[A] convincingly realistic story, particularly when describing Beth’s conflicting desires and the ways in which binging can combine satisfaction and fury.”—Publishers Weekly

Breaking Out the Devil: Book 3, written by Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple and illustrated by Orion Zangara

Breaking Out the Devil

In the climactic final volume of the Stone Man Mysteries series, the demon-turned-gargoyle Silex and his human helper Craig make the ultimate uneasy alliance: a partnership with the Devil himself. The prince of darkness is stuck on Earth, trapped in the body of Silex’s previous assistant. When one of the Devil’s lieutenants attempts to conquer both the underworld and living world, Silex and Craig will have to bust the Devil out of confinement in order to save humanity.

Spread from Breaking Out the Devil
Spread from Breaking Out the Devil

Praise for Breaking Out the Devil

“[A] well-wrought atmosphere. . . . The black-and-white art is downright moody and dark; its visual intricacy vacillates between terrifying renderings of demons and shadowy and indistinct scenes of Scotland, making for an ambiance that seems intentionally disconcerting.”—Kirkus Reviews

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