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6 Books

It’s impossible for us to choose the “best” book for any reader, but it’s always fun to check out new books. Here’s a short list of some that you may want to look at more closely, if you haven’t seen them before!


Norman and the Nom Nom Factory

ISBN: 9781635920321

Age Level: 4 to 9

Norman happily lives alone on Planet Gerp, spending every day making Nom Noms in his Nom Nom factory. It’s perfectly nice and quiet on Gerp, until a loud, strange creature arrives bringing even stranger foods…and worse, a taste for ADVENTURE. Author and illustrator Bridgette Zou, inspired by the vivid blue and white shades of porcelain, makes Norman’s planet come to life in this humorous and charming title about friendship and discovery.


Makers Make It Work, The Runaway Chicken: Woodworking

ISBN: 9781575659916

Age Level: 5 to 8

Maddy brings a chicken home and discovers that they are not good house pets. Can Maddy find – or make! – a better place to keep it? This charming story explores the Makers theme of Woodworking. It even includes explanatory sidebars and a woodworking-related activity for young makers to try themselves!


The Old Man

ISBN: 9781776571918

Age Level: 5 to 11

The Old Man is an important book about homelessness that will appeal to a child’s sense of justice and to every reader’s compassion.

“This is an extraordinary book, one that can make the needed connection for young children to see human beings as more than their circumstances.”

– Kirkus Starred Review

“There are very few picture books depicting homelessness, and this quiet story about the small things one can do to help begins to fill that void.”

– Youth Services Book Review (UK)

Impossible Inventions Book

Impossible Inventions

ISBN: 9781776571703

Age Level: 5 to 11

“The audience won’t be limited to tech nerds; there’s plenty in here to attract browsers, whether to soak up some historical trivia, be inspired by resourceful visionaries, or pore over the pictures”

– Booklist

“Impossible Inventions is a book which will feed enthusiasm, foster wonder, encourage curiosity and, I’m pretty confident, sow seeds in the minds of inventors of the future. A truly special book”

– Playing by the Book (UK)


How to Be an Earthling #11: Librarians of the Galaxy

ISBN: 9781635920246

Age Level: 6 to 9

The How to Be an Earthling® series from Kane Press is the winner of the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards gold medal for Best Chapter Book Series. Each book in the series focuses on a positive character trait and encourages kids to think about how their words and actions affect others. In this book, the alien’s human friend, Grace, sets out to convince a big-time author to be more accepting of alien life forms.


The Yark

ISBN: 9781776571710

Age Level: 6 to 10

A very funny and cheerfully subversive chapter book about a monster who eats children. One day he finds sweet Madeleine. Will he gobble her up? Or will she survive long enough to change his life?

“Gapaillard’s detailed black-ink illustrations perfectly encapsulate the story’s blend of horror and humor and call to mind Maurice Sendak’s Wild Things

– Booklist

“For all the book’s bravado of rebelliousness, it concludes on an endearing note; readers…will find much to love here.”

– Project Muse

Still looking for more? Check out some audiobooks!

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