R.L. Stine’s Book Covers

According to School Library Journal, if you love Scholastic’s Goosebumps graphic novel series, you’ll love I Love Him To Pieces Alana Joli Abbott reviewed the book for their July issue.

From her review:
“This is a strong beginning to a series of short teen romances that will later feature a vampire, faerie, and “monster” boyfriend. Readers of R. L. Stine’s “Goosebumps” graphic-novel series (Scholastic) will enjoy this more mature, character-driven horror story.”

Her comment about R.L. Stine made contemplate the author (something I haven’t done since I was 13). In my younger days, I read a lot of R.L. Stine (and his copy cats). The thing I remember most about these books is the way their covers looked. I especially liked the covers with pretty and fashionable teenage girls on them, they looked like the teenager I wanted to be. I’m 33 now, and did never get that look. I think it would require a perm, a baggy sweater, and a pair of blue jeans.

This was another Stine cover variant: the still life. These looked a lot more boring and grown-up, but the books could still be fun.

The third variant I call “on location”, which is even more boring than a still life. Who thought this was scary?

Maybe today’s teens and tweens will look at the My Boyfriend is a Monster series with a similar fascination. Happily, they are free of perms and baggy sweaters (but blue jeans are still classic).