“Like Getting Punched in the Face”: Discovering Debut YA The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary

YA thrillers that challenge assumptions and Truthers

By Amy Fitzgerald, Senior Editor

In early March of 2017, my boss sent me a YA novel manuscript to read. She had been kind enough to share a lot of her incoming submissions with me as I worked on building up my own contacts with literary agents, so there wasn’t anything unusual about this forwarded email. I flagged it (confession: I flag everything as “to be completed today” because I can’t function without manufactured guilt) and a few days later, when I had some down time, I opened the manuscript. Read More

2018 Reading Resolutions

By Carol Hinz, Editorial Director of Millbrook Press and Carolrhoda Books

Just for fun, I took an informal poll of my colleagues to find out what books they’re excited to read in 2018. Here are our answers! Read More

The Art of Cover Design: The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary

I asked designer Lindsey Owens if she had things to say about the cover design for our novel The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary that she’d like to discuss on the blog, and yes, yes she did. Today’s Dispatch from the Design Department—and a look into life in publishing—is courtesy of Lindsey. Also, I don’t make a practice of giving people work to do on road trips, I promise!—Danielle Carnito, Trade Art Director Read More