Picture Books + Social and Emotional Learning

by Carol Hinz, Editorial Director of Millbrook Press and Carolrhoda Books 

I don’t remember quite when it happened, but at some point last fall, I realized I was hearing the letters “SEL” a lot. And I had some sense that SEL referred to something called “social and emotional learning,” but I couldn’t articulate exactly what that was. Read More

Ella McQueen, Kickball Queen: Q&A with Beth Mills

by Carol Hinz, editorial director of Millbrook Press and Carolrhoda Books

Do you know any elementary-age kids who are obsessed with kickball? I happen to have two of them living in my very own home! Yet despite kickball’s popularity, it doesn’t show up much in picture books. So I was pretty much smitten with author/illustrator Beth Mills’s debut picture book from the moment I laid eyes on it. Beth was kind enough to answer some questions about her book and share some incredible sketches and color studies so all of us can get a peek at how this book came to be. Read More