Fiction February: Read-Aloud Videos for Every Day of the Month!

A few months ago we celebrated Nonfiction November and shared read-aloud videos of some of our favorite nonfiction books. We had so much fun we thought we’d show some love to fiction next! Throughout the month of February, we’re sharing read-aloud videos of twenty-eight different fiction picture books! The videos are yours to share with students and readers, whether you’re watching them in your classroom or library or using them for hybrid and distance learning. Featured read-alouds include two laugh-out-loud Monkey with a Tool Belt titles, fan-favorite Dino-Basketball, the celebrated and heartfelt story A Map into the World, and more! Keep reading to see the video release schedule!

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Librarian Prep List for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Black History Month

Next week we mark the 28th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a day set aside to honor and commemorate the great civil rights leader. And next month is the 46th annual Black History Month, when we celebrate and explore Black History. Read on for more great books to support your planning, programming, and displays for both of these important occasions.

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Poetry for the Hearth

By Megan Ciskowski, Associate Publicist

Snow keeps falling here in Minneapolis, and if I had a fireplace, I’d be lounging in front of it. Personally, I think poetry is perfect for days like today. When blizzards swirl the snow into a frenzy, I seek shelter in fuzzy socks and beautiful verse. Poetry occupies the mind and makes the world a playful place. Luckily, Lerner has published an abundance of poetry picture books this fall! Find a new favorite from the list below and read until the temperatures rise above zero again.

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Dino-Thanksgiving and Dino-Football: Important Changes

by Carol Hinz, Associate Publisher of Millbrook Press and Carolrhoda Books

We all know that dinosaurs are extinct. They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and they most definitely don’t play football! But in the fictional picture book series Lisa Wheeler and Barry Gott created, they do all of these things and more.

After the publication of Dino-Thanksgiving, we received some valuable criticism about the name of one of the football teams, which was a variation of the former name of the Washington Commanders NFL team. The name had originally been created for the book Dino-Football, which was published back in 2012. We took this feedback to heart and decided to make a number of changes both to Dino-Thanksgiving and to Dino-Football.

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