Meet the Publisher: Gecko Press

Meet the Publisher (Gecko Press)

Lerner has the extreme privilege of distributing unique and celebrated children’s books from publishers both national and international. We’d like to take this opportunity to begin introducing them to you one at a time. First up is Gecko Press!

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Meet the Imprints: Lerner Publications

With exceptional print and digital resources, Lerner Publications is the flagship imprint of Lerner Publishing Group. Kid-friendly, dynamic designs and engaging text explore topics such as STEM, animals, sports, history, holidays, biographies, hands-on activities, and more. Striking designs and eye-catching photography deliver high-interest presentations that delight readers and educators alike. Innovative features, diagrams, and digital extensions support comprehension and encourage reader engagement. Read on for an interview with associate editorial director Jon Fishman, and learn about the newest books coming out this spring.

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