Cover Design for Girls on the Line

girls on the line cover

By Emily Harris, Senior Graphic Designer

I enjoy working on jigsaw puzzles, which is probably part of the reason why I love my job so much. Every book cover is a new challenge, and it often feels like I’m putting a puzzle together. For example, how do you take a 232-page book set in China about two best friends who work together in a factory, and deal with some very challenging events and situations in their lives, and sum all of this up in a compelling visual?

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The Art of Cover Design: Zoo Scientists to the Rescue

By Emily Harris, Senior Graphic Designer

I had the honor of designing the cover to Zoo Scientists to the Rescue, written by Patricia Newman, with photographs by Annie Crawley. Zoo Scientists to the Rescue is a new nonfiction book for middle-grade readers that highlights three scientists who are working to save endangered species. You can learn more about the title on Lerner’s website. Read More