Spooky Books from Lerner

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It’s the season of monsters and haunted houses. Soon, people will begin planning scary costumes and stocking up on candy corn. Neighborhoods will be decorated with dancing skeletons, glowing tombstones, and thick spiderwebs. Stores will be filled with containers of fake blood, palates of zombie makeup, and collections of heavy pumpkins.

As you’re cutting eyeholes in bedsheets and buying plastic fangs this fall, we want to make sure you have the perfect list of Halloween titles! Read below to learn about some of our favorite spooky options.

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It’s STEM-tember!

Here at Lerner, September is STEM-tember! The fields of science, technology, engineering, and math are essential to the fabric of our society. From robotics to chemistry, the STEM categories include a variety of fascinating subjects. Though historically these industries have lacked diversity, they are becoming more welcoming every year. Help encourage students to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math with our STEM-tember titles, just a handful of which are featured below!

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Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15th! This month is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the beautiful contributions that Hispanic people have made both in the past and present. Celebrate Hispanic history and culture with these Lerner selections!

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