Meet the Publisher: Lorimer Children and Teens

Allow us to introduce you to Lorimer Children and Teens, a Canadian publisher who specializes in creating diverse books for reluctant and striving readers. Read on to learn more about Lorimer’s publishing program and unique vision to “get kids reading!”

What is Lorimer Children and Teens?

We’re a small publisher with over 500 in print books that reviewers and award juries recognize for quality and which successfully appeal to reluctant readers. Made up of a team of book-lovers, we’re dedicated to finding great stories and sharing them with you. In addition, Lorimer’s sister publisher, Formac Publishing, publishes early chapter books for ages 5-8 in dyslexia-friendly layouts.

Tell us how Lorimer started?

Let’s get kids reading! It was this simple idea that got Lorimer into children’s publishing back in 1975. Today, with over 500 children’s books in print, Lorimer Children & Teens continues its mission to find and publish titles that deal with contemporary social issues in a way that engages kids and teens who may not yet have discovered the joys of reading. We want to grab the attention of young readers with books that connect them to things they care about; we want them to discover the fun in reading about kids like themselves, who live in communities just like theirs, and with concerns that they share.

How would you describe your publishing vision?

We seek out authors who are writing authentically about experiences that TODAY’s children and teens can relate to. All our titles are powerful vehicles for young reader to dive into worlds that are realistic. Climate change, discrimination, injustice. . . our stories find engaging and realistic ways to explore the world our young readers are navigating. Filled with adventure, romance, and mystery, we’re always pushing to find ways to engage our readers with the issues and situations they care about.

Any upcoming projects you’re particularly excited about?

Coming out in Spring 2024 — Poison Town — Elyssa Cambell is a debut author who has written a mystery-adventure novel about a teen girl’s take down of her town’s polluting smelter! Elyssa grew up in a smelter town and has used all her experience to set a thrilling scene for the adventures our eco-detective Addy uncovers! Elyssa has also included references to articles of real-life towns that are trying to take down big companies that are actively polluting their communities, a great resource for teachers and students who are surprised by the villainous smelter’s cover-up in the book.

We’re also excited for another Spring 2024 title — School Statue Showdown by David Starr. It follows the son of the owners of the town’s lumber mill who goes to a school named after his grandfather. When his grandfather’s statue is splashed with paint as a protest, his best friend from the nearby reserve supports the protest. To defend his grandfather’s reputation, he digs into town history to learn more about his family. What he learns about the experience of the nearby Indigenous community leads to a whole new understanding of his family’s legacy – and the town’s troubling past.

And finally in Spring 2024 — Ace and the Misfits by Eddie Kawooya is definitely a title we’re excited for. Having just arrived in Canada, Ace is having a hard time adjusting to his new school and a new culture. In Uganda, the schools were stricter, but at least he had his friends and his love for soccer. Now Ace is battling ignorance, bullying, and self-doubt. But after falling in with a group of misfits, he begins to regain his confidence and show himself that he has the tools to make it in his new life.

Praise for Lorimer Children and Teens…

To learn more, visit the Lorimer Children and Teens website and browse more than 250 Lorimer titles available on!

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