Lerner’s Book Résumés: Support and Insight for Banned Books Week

Mark your calendars for Banned Books Week October 1-7! Since 1982, the international book community has joined in this annual celebration of the freedom to read. And this year, it is especially significant.

The attack on literature in the U.S. is intensifying as many states have enacted or drafted legislation to control access to books and the number of book bans and challenges continues to rise. As advocates for unrestricted access to reading, we’ve updated our list of resources to aid in fending off book challenges in schools and public libraries.

Read on for helpful resources and to see how you can engage and take part during Banned Books Week!

According to ALA statistics, the number of book bans nearly doubled in 2022, rising to 1,269 attempted bans from 729 in 2021 (And just 156 in 2020). Notably, many books centered on marginalized communities, often created by writers and illustrators who identify as LGBTQIA+ or people of color, are facing increased scrutiny.

In response to this, many publishers are supporting librarians and readers by creating “book résumés.” These documents highlight the merits of each book, emphasizing awards, commendable reviews, and other accolades, which educators can use in defense of keeping the book on classroom and library shelves.

To this end, we’ve taken proactive steps. For our titles that have faced challenges, we’ve prepared these comprehensive book résumés. Explore our list of challenged books by clicking on the images below to access each document.

Should you require a résumé for a particular title not displayed here, kindly reach out to us at marketing@lernerbooks.com, and we will gladly assist.

In support of access to books, we’ve previously compiled a list of resources to combat challenges in your school or library.

Wishing to take a more active part in this year’s Banned Books Week? Here’s how you can leave a mark:

  • Connect with @BannedBooksWeek on X/Twitter for live updates and engaging discussions.
  • Share a video where you delve into an excerpt from a challenged book or voice your thoughts on the significance of free literature.
  • Write a heartfelt message to an author whose work has been subjected to challenge or ban.

For a broader spectrum of involvement ideas, head to the ALA Banned Books page.

It is important for all of us to keep the shelves of our libraries, our classrooms, and even our bookstores filled with books that allow freedom of choice and expression.

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