Beyond the Panels: Your Ultimate Guide to Our Graphic Novel Fall Preview

We’re spotlighting our latest lineup of graphic novels set to rock your world this fall! Get ready to flip through pages packed with awesomeness as we take you on a wild ride beyond the panels.

Read on to uncover the excitement that our Fall Graphic Novel Preview has in store for you!

Three front covers from the series Krish and the Robot Kicks

Krish and the Robot Kicks (Series)

Interest Level: Grade 2 – Grade 4

Follow in the footsteps of Krish Banerjee, a young basketball player yearning for a starting position.

When he stumbles onto a pair of sneaker bots who can up his game, he laces up and gets ready to step off the sidelines. But the robot shoes have a creator, and it turns out that the creator is Dr. Fink, his neighbor who also happens to be a mad scientist bent on winning the town’s tournament.

Front cover of book 5 in The Wolf in Underpants series

The Wolf in Underpants: Get Some Pants (Book 5)

From the series The Wolf in Underpants

Interest Level: Grade 2 – Grade 5

This season, underpants are in style!

The forest’s local wolf loves his comfy striped briefs. Still, when they become a fashion trend, the wolf needs a new way to stand out. He ditches his underpants and snatches some trousers from a scarecrow. But will he find out who he truly is without his favorite undies?

Front cover of Period.


Interest Level: Grade 3 – Grade 6

Periods. Every person who menstruates has a different relationship with their “Aunt Flow”: some good, and some . . . not-so-good.

This 4-color graphic novel guide embraces all the icky, all the sticky, and all the confusing of our monthly cycle, acknowledging that there’s no cookie cutter way to manage the physical and emotional mayhem. Filled with consumable, bite-sized tips, tricks, and “inside” medical information, this humorous, character-driven guide is the best friend you never knew you needed.

Front cover of the first title in the Power Button series

The First Invasion

From the series Power Button

Interest Level: Grade 4 – Grade 8

A powerful sci-fi adventure with humor and heart

Truly’s parents are arguing all the time, so they’ve dropped her off with her aunt and uncle. Her cousin Kaz has a big imagination but he’s not the best at making friends. Maximo Skulldigg gets bullied by his older brother—and now he has to conquer Kaz and Truly’s home planet.

It’s a good thing Kaz and Truly just uncovered a family secret. After the cousins find a hideout full of strange treasures near Kaz’s house, they slip on wristbands that summon a space knight named Trinn Cyclo. Soon, he may be Earth’s only hope!

Front covers of both book 1 and 2 from The Robot Makers series

The Robot Makers (Series)

Interest Level: Grade 4 – Grade 8

Learn about the history of robotics, the building blocks of a robot, the basics of coding, and more in these humorous, high-energy manhwa graphic novels. When soccer fanatic La Ion transfers to a new school, he only wants to find his next teammates. But a sign for a soccer club leads him to a robot soccer crew, with human students behind the controls. The mix-up draws La Ion into a rivalry with a club of battle-robot makers and a series of intense competitions. La Ion might join kicking and screaming, but he’ll step up to the challenge—and discover the concepts behind robotics, coding, and more.

Front cover of book 2 of the Timothy Dinoman series

Timothy Dinoman and the Attack of the Dancing Machines (Book 2)

From the series Timothy Dinoman

Interest Level: Grade 4 – Grade 8

Tech celebrity Ellis Heron is about to throw a worldwide party to celebrate his success. So when Timothy Dinoman discovers crooks have been using robots with Heron tech, he’s excited to stop whoever is stealing from the famous inventor. He’ll catch a thief and save Heron’s celebration! But what if Heron’s robot dance squad hides a sinister secret?

6 aligned front covers from the Graphic Mythology series

Graphic Mythology (Series)

Interest Level: Grade 4 – Grade 8

See classic stories in a bold new light with Graphic Mythology. Each title in this series includes two myths or legends for an illustrated double feature full of adventure and intrigue. Drawing from storytelling traditions across the world, and with compelling themes such as heroic feats, sibling rivalries, underdogs, and underworlds, these graphic novels have fables that inspire—and invite young readers to thrill along.

Front cover of Strikers: A Graphic Novel


Interest Level: Grade 4 – Grade 8

Evan just wants to win a game. Bobby would rather fight than win.

Hockey—and life—keep handing them both losses. Their team, the Strikers, has a roster of rejects in hand-me-down coats but lacks good equipment, a deep bench, and a coach who shows up on time. Their town of Flint, Michigan, has been down on its luck their whole lives.

The boys may not understand each other, but together, they’ll find their reasons to keep taking the ice.

Front cover of The Bodyguard Unit

The Bodyguard Unit

Interest Level: Grade 8 – Grade 12

Who were the jujitsuffragettes?

This graphic novel retelling of Garrud’s life reveals the resilience and (often physical) resistance of her era’s voting-rights activists. Featuring an introduction from Elsa Dorlin (Self-Defense: A Philosophy of Violence), The Bodyguard Unit explores an explosive stage of the fight for suffrage.

Front cover of Night and Dana

Night and Dana

Interest Level: Grade 8 – Grade 12

A creative coming-of-age story for the climate-change generation

Dana Drucker fights boredom in her Florida beach town by crafting special-effects makeup—the more gruesome, the better. But when a messy prank with Dana’s best friend Lily gets the wrong kind of attention, the girls have two choices: find a new creative outlet or leave high school without graduating.

These upcoming graphic novels are more than just pages – they’re gateways to adventure, emotion, and connection. So, let your curiosity guide you as you explore the diverse stories that await beyond the panels.

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