What Is Juneteenth?

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In this blog post, we’ll showcase the history of Juneteenth and how books have helped capture the struggles, triumphs, and the path to freedom. Featuring two titles that will explore themes like resilience, identity, and the fight for equality, all of which make Juneteenth a special occasion to highlight diverse voices, promote empathy, and deepen our understanding of African American history, culture and more.

Read on to see a timeline of the special holiday as well as our spring 2023 titles spotlighting Juneteenth, and the voices that earned their places in history.

So what is Juneteenth? Also known as Freedom Day and other names, it’s a holiday in June on the 19th to celebrate the emancipation of enslaved African Americans within the US. It was first celebrated in Texas and then carried into other parts of the country where it is known far and wide to this day.

Check out the timeline below for a breakdown on the history of Juneteenth and how it came to be!

Timeline history of Juneteenth

Starting off with our first spring 2023 title Juneteenth: A First Look from the series Read about Holidays is perfect for early readers as they learn and celebrate all about Juneteenth.

Cover from Juneteenth: A First Look

Juneteenth: A First Look

From the Series Read about Holidays (Read for a Better World ™)

Interest Level: Kindergarten – Grade 2 Reading Level: Grade 1

Juneteenth is about being free. Young learners will explore this cultural and historic holiday through engaging text and photos.

Up next we have The Real History of Juneteenth from the series Left Out of History is a great middle ground for all who are looking at exploring the day that would later come to be known and celebrated as Juneteenth!

Cover from The Real History of Juneteenth

The Real History of Juneteenth

From the Series Left Out of History (Read Woke ™ Books)

Interest Level: Grade 4 – Grade 8 Reading Level: Grade 4

Juneteenth is the celebration of the day enslaved people in Texas were told they were freed—two years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. Explore Juneteenth’s little-told history, from the first Jubilee to the making of a national holiday.

Have you ever considered what’s missing from history books? In Left Out of History, explore the misunderstood and underexamined past in this engaging series. Compelling photographs and primary sources help bring previously buried history to light.

Juneteenth is not only a historical milestone but also a testament to the power of literature in shaping and sharing our understanding of the world and the things that are often left out of our history books. Through celebration we not only pay homage to the past but also give voice to those who have been marginalized and often left out of the spotlight. It’s a step towards a future that’s more inclusive and fair for everyone.

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