Spring 2023 Titles from Lerner Publisher Services

To make sure you don’t miss the Spring 2023 line-ups from our publishing partners, distributed through Lerner Publisher Services, check out the highlights below. We’re thrilled to bring you some of our favorite books from publishers around the world.

Andersen Press

Hedge Lion

Discover your inner-roar with Ida, and your inner kindness with Hedge Lion! Ida sees Hedge Lion every day on her walk around town. Hedge Lion wants everyone to think he’s a hedge. Nobody’s scared of hedges. But Ida is brave, she notices things that other people don’t, and she’s not fooled. She knows Hedge Lion is a lion, she just needs to help him find his roar. Along the way, Ida learns to be patient and kind, and Hedge Lion learns to be brave and confident.

The Day Fin Flooded the World

Fin is extremely forgetful—he wears slippers to school and comes home without his pants. So it’s no surprise when he leaves the tap running . . . until it floods the world! Who will be outraged, and who will be overjoyed?

The Pipsqueak

You don’t need super powers to be a hero . . . or to make enemies into friends. In Hero’s gang, everyone has a special skill. Well, everybody but Pip. Pip isn’t strong, he can’t run fast or make himself invisible. He might not have any amazing talents, but when the bully Solo invades their spot, Pip shows the gang that you just need guts to be a hero.

Elmer and the Gift

The last Elmer storybook from master picture book maker and BookTrust Lifetime Achievement Award winner David McKee, about caring for elderly family members. Aunt Zelda has a gift to give to Elmer from his Grandpa Eldo, but she can’t remember what it is or where it is. Zelda’s memory sometimes escapes her, and her hearing isn’t what it used to be, so they set off together to find Grandpa Eldo and solve the mystery of the forgotten gift. Elmer’s love, patience, and respect for his Aunt Zelda and Grandpa Eldo make for a heart-warming depiction of family life with elderly relatives.

Cheriton Children's Books

Eco Action

Earth is under threat—from humans! It’s time to take action—eco action. This empowering series shows readers how they can take positive action to protect our planet and protect our future. Each call-to-action book explains the effect negative human actions have on our planet, which are contrasted with positive actions organizations are taking to reverse and reduce the damage we have caused. Children will feel encouraged by guidance that explains how they too can take eco action to help protect our planet, build a more sustainable future, and carve out a career in environmental care.

Mission Survival: Saving Earth’s Endangered Animals

Some of the world’s most beautiful creatures are threatened because of human action. Find out why some people are making it their mission to try to save them, what kids on a mission are doing to save them, and what readers can do to make it their mission too in this call-to-action series. Mission Survival includes case studies that explore the work people are undertaking to save threatened animals, and career information that shows children how they can build their own careers in animal conservation.

STEM Career Choices

Choosing a STEM career can be tough. There are so many options and choices available—how do you figure out what is right for you? This series takes students by the hand and helps them explore their interests, personality type, likes and dislikes, and hopes for the future so they can navigate a pathway to their perfect career. With flowchart quizzes that allow the reader to narrow down their options and find a route that is right for them, STEM Career Choices helps take the stress out of making a good career choice.

Creston Books

Food for Hope: How John van Hengel Invented Food Banks for the Hungry

John van Hengel used his own experience as a hungry, homeless person to help others. One donation led to others and soon he had created the idea of the food bank, where restaurants, stores, and factories can donate food that would otherwise be thrown out. There are now thousands of food banks all over the country, feeding people so nobody needs to be hungry.

Her Eyes on the Stars: Maria Mitchell, Astronomer

Maria Mitchell’s curiosity about the night sky led her to spend hours studying the stars. When she was still a young woman, she became the first American to discover a comet and went on to become a professional astronomer, an unheard of achievement for a woman in the 19th century. Maria taught young women to set their sights on the sky, training new generations of female astronomers as a professor at Vassar.

Gecko Press

Detective Gordon: A Case with a Bang

Illustrated in full color and packed with character and humor, this is a new whodunnit mystery in the award-winning Detective Gordon series, fun to read alone or aloud.

Night brings a humming, scraping sound in the woods. Someone has wrecked the badger’s trash can. Later, three large creatures are spotted up on the mountain. Detective Buffy immediately takes up the new case. Buffy has been well trained by Detective Gordon. She understands that everyone thinks differently—and to always offer cake. This final installment in the award-winning Detective Gordon series is a multi-layered philosophical story about good detective work involving kindness to newcomers and doing the right thing.

Any Body: A Comic Compendium of Important Facts and Feelings about Our Bodies

Humor combines with accurate, digestible information in this honest comic reference for children and early teens who want to understand and feel at home with their own bodies. The author’s many years of experience working with children as a sex educator are the basis for this witty encyclopedia. The illustrations are relatable and funny, including charts, cartoons, and more. This compendium is an encouraging starting point for conversations with children, laying the foundations for body acceptance in a straightforward and highly entertaining way.

Kind Crocodile

The kind crocodile leaves his pond to see the world. Animals are in danger out here—help, kind crocodile! Here comes a terrified mouse, a frightened hog, an antelope. One by one they find shelter on Crocodile’s long back, while his big teeth scare their enemies away. GRRR!

This sturdy board book with full case binding features Timmers’ trademark detailed illustrations full of expression and a satisfying twist ending—will Crocodile gobble up his friends? Of course not, the kind crocodile is just pretending.

Perfect Presents!

In this little hardcover gift book, a lizard is delighted with their whole bag of perfect presents for their friend the owl. At first things don’t seem to be going well . . . Owl wolfs down each one and seems to be reaching out greedily for the lizard itself! Until the story finishes with a big kiss and a cup of peppermint tea: “Perfect presents,” says the owl. “Just my taste!”

The Bear and the Wildcat

When the little bird dies, his friend the bear is inconsolable. Full of grief, he locks himself in his house and ventures out again only when the smell of young spring grass blows through his window. He always carries a small box, which he opens for no one. He meets a wildcat who understands his need to carry the box. As the cat plays on her violin, the bear remembers all the beauty he experienced with the little bird. Now he can bury his friend, keeping him alive in his memories and feelings.

The Bear and the Wildcat shows a way through paralyzing grief and simultaneously tells the story of a hopeful new friendship.

The Moon and the Ball: Stories of Panda & Squirrel

Panda and Squirrel have an unbreakable friendship. They can’t live without each other and do everything together: lie on the rocks to look at the moon, take walks, play games. One of their journeys lasts for only two steps; another day they discover a newly hatched duckling. Sometimes they argue, but they always make up again. This a friendship for any day—roaring, quiet, grumbling, snoring . . . always.

These down-to-earth, warmhearted friendship stories reach straight from the soul of one six-year-old to another.

What’s That, Jack?

Jack and George are resting quietly when BOOM! A huge and strange ball lands beside them. “What’s that, Jack?” “I don’t know, George. Maybe it’s a rock?” No—too soft. But it rolls. Fast! Jack, George, and the ball roll right off the cliff and now it’s a parachute. But watch out, they’re going to land in the river . . . Jack and George have a brilliant day full of adventure with this object that changes with the landscape. But what is it? It doesn’t matter, it was fun trying to figure it out.

This bright and funny book is a game of twists and turns, with a joyful refrain and vivid artwork to capture every toddler’s imagination.

Intergalactic Afikoman

Asteroid Goldberg: Passover in Outer Space

An out-of-this-word Passover fantasy! When Asteroid Goldberg and her parents get stuck in outer space for Passover, Asteroid plans a Passover seder for herself and her family that is truly out-of-this-world! With Jupiter’s moons for matzoh balls and the Big Dipper for a ladle, you’ve never seen a Passover seder like this one. A celebration of Jewish creativity and mighty Jewish girls!

Bubbe and Bart’s Matzoh Ball Mayhem

Getting ready for Shabbat is always a bit zany, but . . . flying matzoh balls?! Bubbe and her best buddy, Bart, make the perfect matzoh-ball-chasing team in this hilarious Jewish counting book.

D.I.J. – Do It Jewish! Use Your Jewish Creativity

It’s like a Jewish creativity mentor in a book! Learn from Jewish creativity mentors & use your own Jewish creativity in areas ranging from Jewish cooking to Jewish filmmaking.

I Am Hava: A Song’s Story of Love, Hope & Joy

Experience the story of the world’s most famous Jewish song, as told by the song herself. In her spare, poetic text, Freda Lewkowicz has personified the song of Hava Nagila and made her the narrator of her own story, known simply as “Hava.” Renowned Indian-American Jewish illustrator Siona Benjamin, who is known for her blue characters, draws Hava as a young blue girl in a sari. Follow Hava as she spreads joy and hope throughout the world.

Lily Blue Riding Hood: A Purim Story

A fun and zany fractured fairy tale with a Jewish spin. Lily Bluestein, a skateboarding little blue riding hood, takes her hamentaschen to Granny’s Florida condo for the Purim party—until Thaddeus T. Wolfe gets a whiff and tries to trick Lily out of her hamentashen! But this skateboarding-Queen Esther has tricks of her own up her elbow pads. Meet this fun, mighty, and one-of-a-kind Jewish girl as she becomes the heroine of her own Purim story.

Such a Library! A Yiddish Folktale Reimagined

An old Yiddish folktale in a modern-day library . . . with a magical librarian! Stevie craves quiet until Miss Understood, a magical librarian, wreaks havoc in this modern-day twist on an old Yiddish folktale.

Knowledge Books

Celebrations and Events

In this vibrant series containing simple text and real-life photos, young readers are introduced to various celebrations and events from different cultures and the many traditions, symbols, and parts that make each unique.

Comic Decoders

Through an engaging format and friendly characters, Comic Decoders aids young readers in mastering their consonants and vowels with easy-to-read text that is perfect for beginners. Each book builds on the last, challenging children as the stories progress. Children will enjoy decoding parts of the books through pictures and symbols, making for a fun reading experience.

Healthy Me!

From explaining germs to making healthy lunches to how to grow a garden, these delightfully simple books with real-life photos show young readers the importance of being healthy.

Sounds and Letters

Sounds and Letters. . . well, it’s just like it sounds! Each book covers the phonics of a letter, or combination of letters, by using fun words and real-life photos to engage beginner readers. These books are perfect for introducing essential sounds and letters and the many ways they are used in language.


Earth is our home—we should take good care of it! Introduce early readers to foundational concepts of sustainability with these beautifully illustrated easy reader books. Ideal for early childhood science lessons, this series highlights the importance of making choices that sustain our environment rather than harm it.

Tas and Friends

With a gang of cute characters, Tas and Friends introduces simple words that are perfect for helping beginners master their reading skills. Children will love these colorful stories that welcome new buddies in each book.

Lantana Publishing

My Mommies Built a Treehouse

Building a treehouse is a big project. But when your mommies are there to help you, there’s nothing that can stop you! When one boy sets out to build the treehouse of his dreams, there’s so much to consider—from finding the perfect tree to drawing up the plans. There are certainly challenges along the way, and a lot of spilled paint! But one thing is for sure—he won’t go too far wrong with his two mommies to support him.

My Mommy Marches

Mommy says that some things can’t be said with just words . . . Sometimes you have to say it with your feet. A young girl watches her mommy proudly take to the streets to march for what she believes in. Mommy marches through the sunshine, through the rain and through the deepest snow, on her own or hand-in-hand with others, to give voice to causes that need to be heard. Inspired to join the next generation of young activists, her daughter dreams of marching alongside her.

A joyful story celebrating the power of peaceful protest and the will to change things for the better.

If I Were President

If I were president, everyone who wanted a dog would get a dog, everyone who wanted a bike would get a bike, and everyone who wanted a friend would get at least two . . .

With disarming frankness, a young boy gives his perspective on several things the grown-ups running the country could do differently. His childish recommendations are both playful and profound, wrapping insightful social commentary in childish wit and charm. This gorgeously illustrated picture book is for all those children who dare to dream big and for all those adults who want to look on the world with fresh eyes.

Watch Me Bloom: A Bouquet of Haiku Poems for Budding Naturalists

Some flowers are the subject of nursery rhymes and childhood games while others help us celebrate love, remember our homelands or mark the passing seasons. These mindful haiku poems invite us to explore twenty-four flower species growing close to home, from wildflower meadows to urban window boxes. The nature-themed follow up to My Mindful A to Zen, this gorgeous collection of poems teaches us that treating ourselves and our planet mindfully can also be a treat for the senses.

Lorimer Children & Teens

Escape from the Wildfire

Jack loves mountain biking, and when his dad forbids him to ride in the forest surrounding Lytton because of the risk of wildfire, the reality of the region’s heat dome sets in. Days later, the village of Lytton burns down, forcing Jack to evacuate to Merritt.

Escape from the Wildfire offers a fictional account based on the real-life facts of the disastrous wildfire of 2021 that destroyed the town of Lytton after days of scorching heat. Dorothy Bentley’s own experiences of living through a wildfire led her to research the experience of Lytton residents, so she could write the story of a resilient teen surviving an environmental catastrophe.

Not Talking about You

Khalil, a young Black boy, starts at a new school and is excited to join the basketball team—until he begins to experience and witnesses subtle and not-so-subtle forms of racism among his new teammates. Khalil struggles with how to react and stand up for himself and others against his new friends who have taken him in.

New Frontier Publishing

Fantastic Frankie

Frankie is a fox with plenty of style . . . FABULOUS in a rainbow cape, AMAZING in pirate boots, and ready to take on the world in a gold crown! Not everyone likes what Frankie wears . . . The more Frankie tries to change, the more unhappy Frankie feels. But what happens when friends start to miss their old Frankie? Join Frankie on a journey of self-discovery and happiness and, above all, staying true to yourself.

Lionel and Me

Life is pretty much perfect for Maverick—everybody loves him! He gets all the attention and all the love until one day, Lionel comes along. Lionel is cute, he’s sweet, and he’s new. It’s not long before Lionel moves to the number one spot in the family . . . Or so it seems to Maverick. Is there enough love to go round for the both of them?

Gogo the Mountain Gorilla

This book is an enchanting tale about a boy and the endangered mountain gorilla. When Kito stumbles upon a mountain gorilla in the forest, he has no idea what the gorilla is capable of. This magical encounter will forever change Kito’s understanding of kindness. Learn some wonderful mountain gorilla facts, too!

Planting People Growing Justice

Amazing Africa: A to Z

A fun and resourceful book that takes children and even adults on a visual journey throughout the continent of Africa. Readers will visit the pinnacle of Mount Kilimanjaro and learn a few new words in Swahili and Twi while exploring Africa’s rich natural resources. The purpose of the book is to aid in learning about the most important and intriguing facts about Africa. With the turn of each page, the authors help to bridge the knowledge gap that exists about the continent. Each page is filled with key facts about the fastest growing population in the world. The book will inspire the next generation to learn more about Amazing Africa and become global citizens.

Gumbo Joy

A young girl learns of the cultural significance of the pot of gumbo she cooks with her father each Sunday. It connects her with her culture, history, and heritage. As the aroma of gumbo fills the air, her father reminds her that “‘Gumbo is the smell of love.'” When family members arrive for the meal, it’s a joyful celebration of family, love, and culture.

Justice Makes a Difference: The Story of Miss Freedom Fighter, Esquire

“‘Words are powerful,’ Grandma told Justice. ‘They can be used in powerful ways to do good or to do harm. That’s why it’s important to always be careful with your words.‘” Justice has grown up witnessing the many ways her grandma serves the community. She wants to make a difference in the world, too, but how? Isn’t she too young? Through conversations with her grandma and their shared love of books, Justice learns about important women and men throughout history who changed the world.

The Quarto Group

50 Things You Should Know About

The 50 Things You Should Know About series explores important topics from science to technology to art in 50 bite-sized chunks. Packed with facts, diagrams, infographics, and photos, this series provides perfect introductions to a range of topics for inquisitive kids.

Animal Friends

Discover which animals are the best of friends and all about the fun they have together! Find out fascinating facts about each animal and the characteristics which make them so super cute.

Come Closer If You Dare! Animal Predators Up Close

Get up close with the most fearsome animals in the animal kingdom! With incredibly detailed photography of animals’ gruesome features and fascinating facts about terrifying predators from all over the world, this is an electrifying read for fearless children everywhere. Find out which predators have the sharpest teeth, who has the biggest claws, and more in this intriguing read. Come closer, only if you dare!

Food for You: Get the Info, Gain Confidence, and Feel Fantastic!

This introduction to healthy eating gives tweens and teenagers the tools they need to understand and take control of their eating habits, promoting confidence, self-esteem, and well-being. As well as providing fun, easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks, Food for You covers information on how to read food labels, food groups, eating disorders, vegetarianism, veganism, environmental issues, and more.

Snow Babies

Travel through the ice and snow with the most adorable animal babies! Discover which animal grows a brown coat in summer and white fur in winter, and find out how much a newborn panda weighs. From skating puma cubs to sliding penguins, discover how these cute animals survive freezing temperatures, what they eat, and how they play.

Let’s Make Art

For those who have ever wanted to make art but didn’t know where to begin, the Let’s Make Art series is for them! The secrets to creating art are in these pages, helpful for creatives of all skill levels—even beginners. Covering a wide variety of subjects from rock painting to drawing cartoons to hand lettering, these books follow an approachable step-by-step format for ease of learning, and each title includes a range of projects from basic to more detailed.

Soaring Kite Books

Big Kids Don’t Get Butterflies

“Each year I get bigger and stronger, and I get to ride more rides!”

At this year’s fair, a child is eager to try the big kid rides after growing just enough. The little kid rides only go ’round and ’round, but the big kid rides take you up to the skies! Is there any reason to be afraid? No! Big kids DON’T get butterflies. Or do they? A child learns that growing up doesn’t mean giving up the things you love. Enjoy this fun themed, coming-of-age story for all of your child’s milestones.

My Brain Is Magic: A Sensory-Seeking Celebration

Is your brain magic? Whether your brain buzzes around the room like a bee or tells you to be loud and roar like a lion, celebrate the many things that it can be!

This sensory-seeking celebration shines a light on neurodiversity and sensory processing in a fun and action-packed way for all children to enjoy.

Rainbow Letters: A Book for Rainbow Babies

“You are a rainbow baby, the calm after the storm, the sun after cloudy days, one less reason to mourn.”

A guardian angel sibling sends a well-wishing message to the newest addition of their family. But how is it delivered? Filled with whimsical illustrations and a touch of magic, Rainbow Letters celebrates rainbow babies—children born after pregnancy or infant loss—while capturing the beauty of life and beyond.

The Love of the Moonlight

If we loved, much like the moon, then would we be as kind?”

On a sleepless night while gazing up at the skies, a child realizes that the world would be a better place if we acted with empathy and understanding. Around the world, we all look up at the same moon and it shines down on each person equally. The moon isn’t afraid to share its sky with the stars; the moon knows the stars don’t take away its ability to shine. This heartfelt, rhyming story is a great conversation starter on kindness and equality for children.

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