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Pure Fun Reading!

Looking for books that are just plain fun to share with your young readers? Here are some options, from a Monkey with a Tool Belt to unofficial guides to the ever-popular Minecraft to some of the top secrets and unsolved mysteries in history.

Top Secret (Alternator Books®)

  • Interest Level: Grade 3 – Grade 6
  • Reading Level: Grade 4

Attempted escapes, suspected paranormal activity, and more mark Alcatraz’s history.

Examine some of the top secrets and unsolved mysteries in history with this spooky series. Readers will gather facts and learn from researchers as they dive deep into the Bermuda Triangle, wander into Area 51, and other locations around the globe. Features like sidebars and timelines encourage critical thinking to solve the mysteries.

Lightning Bolt Books® — Minecraft 101

  • Interest Level: Grade 1 – Grade 3
  • Reading Level: Grade 2

From construction to playing in different modes, learn about the fun aspects of Minecraft in the Minecraft 101 series—part of the Lightning Bolt Books® collection. With bright designs, engaging photos, and lively text, Lightning Bolt Books® bring nonfiction topics to life!

Monkey with a Tool Belt
  • Interest Level: Preschool – Grade 2
  • Reading Level: Grade 2

Inspiration for the Netflix series Chico Bon Bon!

Whether you need a beebersaw or a chisel, Chico Bon Bon’s your monkey. He can build or fix just about anything—from a dock for the ducks to a clock for the Clucks, even a small roller coaster for local chipmunks. Chris Monroe’s quirky hero and detailed illustrations will absorb readers in a series of entertaining adventures that shows there is an inventive way out of every problem—if you have the right tools.

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