Graphic Novel Roundup: New Adventure’s for a New Season

With spring coming around, it’s the perfect time to pick up a new, vivid adventure. From traveling back to the middle ages to making instruments from trash, these graphic novels offer new takes and twists to enjoy. Dig into these new additions from Lerner!

Super Potato #10 Super Potato's Middle Ages Adventure (Front Cover)

Super Potato’s Middle Age Adventure

Tragedy strikes when Super Potato loses his giant muscles! To take his mind off his new situation, Super Potato agrees to a new mission: time-travel to find a scientist stranded in the past. But instead of castles and knights, he finds himself in the middle of a foggy swamp. Here he meets a serpent who is actually a cursed handsome knight! Super Potato agrees to help the knight too, leading to a quest to find the lost scientist and a legendary sorcerer.

Check out other Super Potato adventures where he faces off against sinister scientists, slugs from space, giant chickens, and more in a series of graphic novels perfect for reluctant readers.

Super Potato #10 (Page Spread)
Mary Anning And The Great Fossil Discoveries (Front Cover)

Graphic Science Biographies

From discovering fossils with Mary Anning or studying the movement of planets with Galileo, join six more scientists who changed how people see the world. Each book follows from childhood onward, narrating the story of how they made their contributions to science and examining the pivotal moments of scientific breakthroughs, as well as how competition, feuds, and the events of the time affected the scientists’ work. This vibrant graphic novel approach brings new inspiration to young readers and will encourage them to value their own curiosity and creativity.

Mary Anning And The Great Fossil Discoveries (Page Spread)
Felix and Calcite #3 The Search for the Slimy Stone (Front Cover)

Felix and Calcite: The Search for the Slimy Stone

In the faraway Lands of the Ogres, Felix and his best troll friend Calcite—who loves munching on rocks and has a very running nose—stomp through the muddy swamp to fulfill their mission. Their mission: to find the Slimy Stone, the only thing that can save the ancient Master Troll from illness! This second book in the Felix and Calcite series brings more laughs and adventure perfect for first-time graphic novel readers.

Don’t miss Felix and Calcite’s first adventures, The Land of the Trolls and Never Make a Giant Mad.

Felix and Calcite #3 The Search for the Slimy Stone (Page Spread)
Another Band's Treasure (Front Cover)

Another Brand’s Treasure A Story of Recycled Instruments

In a small village in Paraguay, Diego dreams of giving music lessons to the children he sees each day. When there aren’t enough instruments to go around, Diego gets creative. With the help of Nicolas, a carpenter, Diego begins to construct instruments in the making from a nearby landfill. Soon, a paint can, a wooden plank, and a faucet knob become the start of a violin. These recycled instruments give the kids in town new ways to express themselves. Inspired by a true story, this graphic novel is a big-hearted ode to the power of music.

Another Band's Treasure (Page Spread)
The Green Girls (Front Cover)

The Green Girls

The Green Girls—Emma, Lily, and Fadila—want to save the planet. The problem is no one around them seems to care. In an attempt to change that, the Green Girls take to social media and launch a series of bold protests using livestreams, spray paint, and bungee cords. Anything to make a difference and get their followers to do the same.

The Green Girls (Page Spread)
Seekers of the Aweto #2 Strange Alliances (Front Cover)

Seekers of the Aweto: Strange Alliances

Xinyue, a treasure hunter turned guardian of a baby deity, has escaped death—and awakened in a strange new land. Qiliu, the boy he once called brother, has been captured by enemies—and must tamp down his rage long enough to make his next move. Faced with wolf raiders, frog royalty, and killer plants, both young men will have to choose allies carefully as powerful forces emerge.

Check out the first book in the Seekers of the Aweto series, The Hunt is On, where roguish bands of “seekers” chase a plantlike treasure that may lead to fortune and even eternal life.

Seekers of the Aweto #2 Strange Alliances (Page Spread)

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