YA Fiction Round Up

There is nothing better than a good fiction novel that draws the reader into a new world and story. These new young adult fiction books, including two graphic novels, dive into deeper topics while layering in adventure, action, and emotion!

The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent

Eighteen-year-old Del finally feels balanced. Her suicide attempt is in the past and she’s sober, living with her aunt, getting treatment for her depression and anxiety, and volunteering at a suicide-prevention hotline. For once, Del sees a future for herself. That is until her Aunt Fran is diagnosed with terminal cancer. As Del struggles to care for her aunt and prepare herself for the inevitable, she must confront her own demons and rethink everything she thought she knew about life and death.

“Honestly and courageously explores sensitive topics.” —Kirkus Reviews

the coldest winter i ever spent
Indigo and Ida

Indigo and Ida

Aspiring journalist Indigo notices that her school’s disciplinary policies seem to be enforced especially harshly with students of color like her. Her friends tell her she is imagining things, but Indigo isn’t so sure. She stumbles upon a book by Black journalist and activist Ida B. Wells. As she reads about Ida’s lifelong battle against racism, Indigo realizes she must choose between keeping quiet and fighting for justice.

“Readers will be inspired by Indigo’s passion and compelled to read more about Wells, too.” —starred, Booklist

Not Talking About You

Khalil, a young Black boy, starts at a new school and is excited to join the basketball team—until he begins to experience and witnesses subtle and not-so-subtle forms of racism among his new teammates. Khalil struggles with how to react and stand up for himself and others against his new friends who have taken him in.

“A compelling read for basketball fans with a powerful message about the persistence of racial bigotry.” —School Library Journal

Not Talking About You
Escape from the Wildfire

Escape From the Wildfire

Jack loves mountain biking, and when his dad forbids him to ride in the forest surrounding Lytton because of the risk of wildfire, the reality of the region’s heat dome sets in. Days later, the village of Lytton burns down, forcing Jack to evacuate to Merritt.

“The finely detailed plot unwinds slowly but make no mistake—it’s a page-turner.” —Kirkus Reviews

The Green Girls

Graphic Novel

The Green Girls—Emma, Lily, and Fadila—want to save the planet. The problem is no one around them seems to care. In an attempt to change that, the Green Girls take to social media and launch a series of bold protests using livestreams, spray paint, and bungee cords. Anything to make a difference and get their followers to do the same.

“Readers will be drawn in by bright, approachable illustrations and stay for the determination of these young eco-warriors.” —Kirkus Reviews

The Green Girls
The Green Girls page view
The Green Girls
Seeker of the Aweto: Strange Alliances

Strange Alliances: Book 2

Graphic Novel

Xinyue, a treasure hunter turned guardian of a baby deity, has escaped death—and awakened in a strange new land. Qiliu, the boy he once called brother, has been captured by enemies—and must tamp down his rage long enough to make his next move. Faced with wolf raiders, frog royalty, and killer plants, both young men will have to choose allies carefully as powerful forces emerge.

“A roller-coaster ride.” —Kirkus

Seeker of the Aweto: Strange Alliances page layout
Strange Alliances

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