What’s Missing from History? Explore the New Read Woke™ Books to Find Out

Left Out of History

Have you ever considered what’s missing from the history books? What isn’t mentioned regarding major events and massive turning points in the past? Find out just that in the Left Out of History series where the underexamined and misunderstood are explored.

This series belongs to the Read Woke™ Books brand that are created in partnership with Cicely Lewis. Read Woke™ Books seeks to amplify voices, challenge social norms, share perspectives of people who are underrepresented or oppressed, and encourage readers to take action in their community. Left out of History aims to inform readers of details and truths that have been left out of the story in the past.

The Real History of Thanksgiving

One of the popular holidays in the US, Thanksgiving has a famous history. However, many people don’t know that whole or true story of how the holiday began and its lasting legacy. Dig into the details that are often left out.

The Real History of the Transcontinental Railroad

The Transcontinental Railroad was a feat of a project, connecting the eastern United States to the Western Ones. What’s not as well known about this major engineering success, was that most workers were of Chinese descent, were treated unfairly, and protested for better treatment. Connect the new facts learned in this book to the old facts to form the whole story.

The Real History of Angel Island

People often learn about Ellis Island when they are taught the history of immigration in the US. However, many people also came through Angel Island in California. Discover the history of the Angel Island Immigration Station, the experiences of the people who arrived there, and how it closed.

The Real History of Juneteenth

Juneteenth is the celebration of the day enslaved people in Texas were told they were freed—two whole years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. Explore Juneteenth’s little-told history, from the first Jubilee to the making of a national holiday.

The Real History of the White House

One of the most famous buildings and symbols ever, the White House has an extensive history—and it’s not all shiny and nice. This building tells the story of the United States, the good and the bad, including slavery. In fact, enslaved people were involved with every stage of building the president’s home. Walk in and learn more about how to honor its complicated history.

The Real History of the Gold Rush

The Gold Rush was a major event in the US during the 1800s. Explore what the Gold Rush was and the lesser-known people who participated in an ambitious pursuit of wealth. And don’t forget knowledge is wealth, too!

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