Foster Equitable Access to Engaging Books this Summer!

Summer Starts Now!

“Summer is a critical time for literacy skills. Things like decoding, letter knowledge, and word reading skills are very susceptible to decay without frequent practice.”

James Kim, an assistant professor of education at Harvard University

The weather outside may be frightful, but planning summer reading can be delightful. ESSER and Title I Funding makes it possible to send students home with take-home book packs that build literacy skills and engage the entire family. Here are some ways to get books into the hands of students this summer:

Prepackaged Take-Home Literacy Kits

High-quality, award-winning paperback books curated by educational experts are ready to ship! Included in each kit are supporting activities that build literacy skills and encourage family engagement.

District Designed Take-Home Literacy Kits

Develop your own take-home packs with community input. Start with one of our curated themes or pick your own!

We will help you survey your stakeholders, build customized kits for your district or school, and deliver to students.

Classroom Libraries for Summer Programs

Classroom Libraries are a great way to inspire reading. Include fiction and nonfiction, a variety of text types (narrative, graphic, informational, expository, poetry) and a range of reading levels to engage all readers.

Need more information for your libraries? The Lerner blog is full of great ideas!

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