Don’t Miss These Fall 2022 Titles from Lerner Publisher Services

It is our mission to bring you the best books we can for all the young readers in your life, and one way we do that is through our distribution arm, Lerner Publisher Services. Here is a roundup of all the amazing titles we’re thrilled to bring you this fall from our publishing partners both near and far.

Andersen Press

A Tale of Two Dragons

The kingdoms of Arbor, with its lush forests, and Pomosa, rich with farmland, have no love between them, and the children have taken to sneaking across the borders at night to steal the precious resources of milk and wood that the adults won’t share. So the Kings decide to fight, instead . . . with dragons. But do the dragons have another idea? This new parable shows that the way to peace and prosperity is not through fighting, but teamwork and generosity.


Dot isn’t like the other dogs: she doesn’t like going out for walks, and she doesn’t like going to the park. Her favorite thing is staying at home with her favorite toy and best friend, Peep. But when Peep goes missing under the garden fence, Dot might have to venture out into the world . . .

The Little Island

There was once a farm where all the animals were friends. Together they looked after the farm and each other. It wasn’t perfect and they didn’t always agree (animals almost never do). But the Geese have hatched a plan to leave the farm . . . will life be perfect for them now? A powerful modern-day fable for our times told with humor, warmth, and most importantly, hope. A story of building bridges, not barriers, respect, not resentment, and of finding friendship, not fear.

What Will I Be?

Even though you might be small, if you just believe, you could be anything at all! What do you want to be when you grow up? A pirate or a dinosaur hunter, an engineer or a doctor? Through dressing up and imaginary play, there’s nothing these four best friends can’t be.

Big & Small

Green Earth Tales 2 Series

This unique interdisciplinary series brings children’s attention to environmental science issues—as well as history, geography, and culture—through well-written stories illustrated by artists from around the globe.

Creston Books


Who belongs and who doesn’t? Do members of the same family all look the same? This wordless picture book plays with our assumptions about family. What do we think we see as we turn the pages and how is the ending not at all what we expected? This fractured retelling of the Goldilocks fairy tale provides a perfect format for thinking about story-telling and how families can be different—and how they are the same. Is the little girl making food an uninvited guest, taking advantage of the bear family’s open door? Or is she someone else entirely? A part of their family? Enjoy a cozy evening with the sweetest family you’ll find between the pages of a book.

Wonderful Hair: The Beauty of Annie Malone

Forgotten today, Annie Turnbo Malone was an influential Black business leader in the early 20th century. She turned her personally developed hair care products into a successful industry, including schools that taught the Poro method in her Poro Colleges. One of her students was the much more famous Madame C.J. Walker. She not only encouraged Black women to feel good about their hair, she showed them how to be entrepreneurs. Annie Turnbo Malone is an inspiring model and an important part of women’s history and Black history who deserves to be better known.

Cheriton Children’s Books

Disaster Zone Series

Earth—it’s a disaster zone! For thousands of years, Earth has been ravaged by enormous natural disasters with unthinkable destructive forces. From epic earthquakes and fearsome floods to hurricane horrors, mega tsunamis, raging wildfires, and super volcanoes, our planet and the people who live on it have been devastated by these deadly natural events. But what causes these awesome forces of nature and where in the world are they most likely to occur? Discover the science behind epic natural disasters, the world’s worst-ever disaster events, and the technology that scientists are using to help prevent devastating natural disasters of the future.

Energy Evolutions Series

The energy industry is evolving—and fast. Find out why fossil fuels are being fast-tracked into history and how cleaner, greener, and science-smart energy is helping us build a sustainable future. This exciting and informative science series explores the harm fossil fuels have caused our planet and explains why it is so important that we replace them with sustainable energy. Discover the very latest, cutting-edge science and technology that is allowing the energy industry to undergo a green revolution to make tomorrow’s world a more energy-smart place.

Help! Study Hacks Series

Study skills are life skills, but sometimes they’re hard to pick up in the classroom. From explaining how to write, listen, plan, and research through how to give a speech and manage a social network, this funny, irreverent, and helpful series will guide every student through. Broken into digestible tips and tricks, the instructional text guides and supports students to encourage independent learning, and isn’t overwhelming or intimidating. Students can get skilled for life with these awesome study guides.

It Happened to Me Series

Sometimes, painful experiences happen. It Happened to Me explores painful life crises that affect many young people through poignant diary entries from composite teens who have experienced these situations, supported by informational text. Every year, more and more young people face life-changing situations, from drug and alcohol abuse to eating disorders, family breakups, and homelessness. Being young has never been more challenging. Using a unique in-their-own words approach, this series will strike a chord with many young people who are struggling with complex issues, and help those around them better understand how and why it has happened to them.

Full Tilt Press

Life Unplugged Series

Unplug, be adventurous, and take a walk on the wild side! Life Unplugged explores the different ways people have gone back to nature. From living green, to “glamping,” to going off the grid, there are all sorts of living situations to explore, no matter where you are. Focusing on survival techniques, native culture, and respect for indigenous space and knowledge, this series explains what’s needed to live in the wildest areas in the world. And an activity challenges kids to live a little off the grid themselves.

STEM to the Rescue Series

The future is uncertain. Can science save us? STEM to the Rescue is a series for young readers that highlights innovations in science. Can the same great minds who thought up the internet, cloning, and missions to Mars come up with new ways to keep our homes running smoothly? Every day, there’s new tech on the horizon. Sidebars showcase how scientists are thinking, inventing, creating, and doing. And an activity challenges readers to use their minds to think into the future.

Sweet Life Series

Get a taste of the Sweet Life with a series that oozes fun flavors. Each title features a real-life confectionary, ice cream parlor, cookie shop, or cupcakery that has taken a bite out of the world of desserts. Readers will discover the history of their favorite sugary sweets, learn how they’re made, and then get the chance to make their own! Sweet Life is a series that will have kids coming back for seconds.

Time for Change Series

The future is here! It’s the year 2100—the ideal future of peace, equality, and technology that we’ve all been waiting for. But the past should not be forgotten. As the futuristic story begins, a teacher is tasked with educating his students about the past, and the fight for equality that led them to their present. Each book is an inspiring journey that sheds light on America’s ongoing struggle toward true equality. Titles focus on four types of racism: individual racism, interpersonal racism, institutional racism, and structural racism, using historical and modern events as examples. Readers will be immersed in dynamic graphic novels that will bring the lessons of past and present to life.

Gecko Press

A Perfect Wonderful Day with Friends

Raccoon decides to bake an apple cake. But he has no eggs, so visits his friend Fox, who needs a ladder to mend the roof. Badger will have one, but he needs help too, so they set off to find Bear. They stroll through meadows, meet up with Crow, nibble blackberries and find Bear fishing at the river. Soon the five friends are having the best day out—the sun shining on their fur, fishing, swimming, picnic and finally home to bake the cake—two cakes, because bears have big appetites.

This is a picture book to instantly capture the heart. Laconic narration, funny dialogue, and exquisite illustrations tell the story of a carefree childhood day.

Duck’s Backyard

A duck spends her days limping around her backyard with the help of a crutch until one day a blind chicken stumbles in, lost, and persuades the duck to embark on an adventurous journey. The duck will guide the chicken; the chicken will steady the duck’s wobbly leg. They leave together for a place where their most secret wishes will come true. The pair come upon astonishing obstacles along the way—a wild forest, a cavernous gorge, and many differences of opinion. The chicken starts to wish she’d taken a guide dog rather than a duck! When the two finally arrive at their destination after all the hardships, they realize that their own backyard plus a little imagination offers as much adventure as a whole world.


“Quick, hide!” Chased by monsters, each hairier and stinkier than the one before, a child finds shelter in the most famous fairytale houses—the three little pigs’ brick home, Sleeping Beauty’s palace, and Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread mansion. Each house is full of hiding places for the reader to explore, with flaps big and small and curious places to discover on the search for the child’s hiding place. And when the hero of our story finally stands up to the monsters, they may be the ones to flee, because this child has read the tales before and knows how to vanquish a villain!

Leilong’s Too Long!

Every morning, Leilong the school bus shuttles through the city, picking up children as he goes. But a brontosaurus longer than a tennis court and heavier than five buses causes big problems in the busy streets. The school decides he can’t be the bus anymore. The children must find a way to help their long friend fit in.

Bei Lynn’s loose and vibrant illustrations bring to life the charming world of Leilong, where brontosauruses share the city with ordinary vehicles, and sliding out the bedroom window down the neck of the dinosaur school bus is an everyday activity.

The Ape Star

A dirty old Volvo pulls up in front of the orphanage and out steps a gorilla. She’s as thick as a barrel with a head like an overgrown pear. Of all the orphanage’s 51 children, it is Jonna who, to her horror, is chosen by the gorilla. She had been dreaming of a well-dressed mother who smells of perfume, and now she’s going to live in a scrapyard. Eventually Jonna and the gorilla start to get along, until a man from the council threatens to send Jonna back to the orphanage.

The Ape Star is a heartwarming and unconventional chapter book about love, adoption, friendship, and seeing from different perspectives.

The Grizzled Grist Does Not Exist!

It’s the class trip to Dismal Hills wilderness. The children aren’t worried about the legendary Grizzled Grist who lives here; they’re excited to show off their outdoor skills—foraging, climbing, trapping. No one’s impressed with Liam’s skill of hiding. But it turns out a hider can see what others think does not exist.

A hider moves with soundless ease and treads as softly as the breeze. At times, a hider barely breathes—but what is this the hider sees?

When the children and their frazzled teacher walk confidently into disaster, little Liam saves the day—a triumph for the quiet child no one notices.

Hungry Tomato

Animals in Danger Series

Animals in Danger follows some of the most endangered animals on our planet. Learn about how elephants and orangutans are learning to survive as habitats change around them. See how mountain gorillas nest together for protection and how lionesses hunt to feed their young. Discover how polar bears blend in with their surroundings so they can hide and why rhino horns are so important. This fact-packed series looks at the plight of each animal and the efforts to save them. Awesome photographs accompany sensitively written text; it’s a hot topic encouraging young children to care for our planet.

Earth in Danger Series

Earth in Danger is a series that visits topics that are grabbing worldwide attention because of climate change. Waste and RecyclingClimate ChangePollutionSustainable LivingFuture Living, and Habitat Destruction look at environmental issues around the world and focus on what needs to be done to clean up our planet. Discover how climate change is causing droughts and floods and how habitat destruction is endangering animals. Learn how science and sustainable living and alternative future energy can help save our planet. Stunning photographs alongside sensitively written text shows how we can all help to make a difference. It’s a must-read series for young kids.

Journey through the Seasons Series

An awesome guide to each of the four seasons, with emphasis on its effects on the natural world. Join cute and funny animals as they appear throughout brightly illustrated scenes and take a simple look at the seasons and the changing weather. Observe the subtle science behind seasonal changes; from rainbows in spring, to bees seeking nectar in summer, pumpkins in fall, to the winter freeze. A playful, humorous, engagingly fresh look at the seasons and how the world changes around us. A key subject for young children, sensitively written and beautifully illustrated, sure to become a bookshelf favorite!

What Machines Do Series

Explore the world of machines! Digging, plowing, drilling, flying; big or small. Machines are used all over the world in all sorts of ways. Discover the different machines used on the farm, at the theme park, for saving lives at the hospital, and much more! Learn which machines are used to build houses, and which one make loop-de-loops. See machines that can be found around the house and ones that are blasted into space. Bright, illustrated scenes show different machines in action, while simple, informative text explains how they work. Perfect for little engineers who like to see what machines do and how they work.

Lantana Publishing

Maybe You Might

A young girl makes a choice to plant a seed in a dry, barren riverbed. Little does she know that from this single, small act, a vibrant ecosystem will grow.

This inspiring poem — bursting with hope for a greener world — is a love letter to our ailing planet. It shows us that even when the future appears most bleak, each one of us can make a difference.

A positive and optimistic story full of hope that it’s not too late to mitigate climate change, gorgeously illustrated by the artist behind A Story About Afiya and Anita and the Dragons.

Oscar Seeks a Friend

What if you could turn the world the other way around and take a peek at what’s on the other side? Perhaps you’d find something you never expected. Such as friendship. When Oscar meets a lonely little girl, it’s the start of an adventure for both of them. Together they make an unusual journey to two very different worlds, each beautiful and necessary. And it all begins when the little girl’s tooth falls out.

SuperJoe Does NOT Say Sorry

SuperJoe—superhero in the making—is far too busy to say sorry. He tears around the house sending invading space aliens back into orbit, rescuing passengers from sinking ships, and bravely facing prehistoric perils, while leaving a trail of broken toys, spilled bath water and displaced goldfish in his wake. But one sound keeps interfering with his supersonic hearing . . . and that’s the sound of his little sister crying. Can SuperJoe swallow his pride and say the one little word that will make everything better? The laugh-out-loud follow up to SuperJoe Does NOT Do Cuddles, this second outing by our loveable superhero is sure to help even the most stubborn pre-schooler learn the value of saying sorry.

The Pirate Tree

The gnarled tree on the hill sometimes turns into a pirate ship. A rope serves as an anchor, a sheet as a sail, and Sam is its fearless captain. But one day another sailor approaches, and he’s not from Sam’s street. Can they find something more precious than diamonds and gold? Can they find . . . friendship?

Starlet Rivals

Bela has been dancing since she was two, and has always dreamed about becoming a famous Bollywood star. Now, as she approaches her thirteenth birthday, the opportunity might finally be within her grasp. When an unexpected wildcard show gives Bela the chance to dance in front of the nation, she knows that she is dancing for a place at the most prestigious stage school in Mumbai. Can Bela win the Dance Starz competition to bag a place at the Bollywood Academy and move one step closer to her dreams of stardom?

Mwikali and the Forbidden Mask

12-year-old Mwikali’s life is changed forever when she discovers she is descended from the Intasimi: an ancient bloodline of legendary East African warriors. With the help of three of her classmates, Mwikali must delve deep into the past to discover her ancestry, learn how to harness her extraordinary powers, and enter a race against time to defeat a village elder who has turned to dark magic in an effort to gain ultimate power. A fantasy adventure that is sure to keep you on the seat of your pants right to the moment of its breath-taking conclusion.


The Summer Between Us

This coming-of-age story follows 18-year-old Adrian Carter as he graduates from high school and confronts difficult decisions about his future. As Adrian navigates the emotional highs and lows of the summer between graduation and his future, he gains awareness of the way his Blackness impacts the way he moves through majority-white spaces and negotiates the difficulties of forging a path in life against others’ expectations.

Dealing with common themes from the nuanced perspective of a biracial teen, this story tackles contemporary social issues such as class difference, colorism in the Black community, and the structural barriers limiting access to post-secondary education for Black youth.


Sixteen-year-old Josh is no stranger to gang life. His dad, the leader of the Warriors, a gang on their reserve, is in jail, and Josh’s older brother has taken charge. Josh’s mom has made it clear the Warriors and their violence aren’t welcome in her home—Josh’s dad and brother included. She wants Josh to focus on graduating high school. Josh is unsure whether gang life is for him—that is until gang violence arrives on his doorstep.

Turning to the Warriors, Josh, now known as “Creeboy” starts down the path to becoming a full gang member—cutting himself off from his friends, family, and community outside the gang. It’s harder than ever for Creeboy to envision a different future for himself. Will anything change his mind?


It’s Nova’s final year of high school and everything is on track for an amazing year. She’s going to ace all her studies and go on to be a doctor. She’s got a spot on the swim team. And she’s in love for the first time—with Leo, the captain of the swim team. But things don’t turn out quite like Nova had planned. As her relationship with Leo intensifies, so does her obsession with him and her jealousy over his so-called friendship with another girl. The tighter she tries to hold on to him, the more he seems to pull away. The constant worry about the future of their relationship sends Nova spiraling into depression. Even she can’t believe how badly she’s handling things now. But could there be another reason for it, one she doesn’t even want to admit to herself?

New Frontier Publishing

Twelve Little Festive Frogs

Celebrate the twelve days of Christmas with these fun and delightful Little Festive Frogs. Based on the traditional verse, The Twelve Days of Christmas, this charming version will have everybody singing in the Christmas spirit in no time. This book is an engaging and innovative introduction to ordinal and cardinal numbers as well as counting. With stunning festive scenes, there’s lots to spot, see, and say on every page, enhancing language development and memory skills. Let the festive frogs take you to their magical winter wonderland!

The Pharaoh of Asco Express

When 11-year-old Wesley stops by at a mysterious local store to buy a drink, he does not realize the trouble he is getting himself into. Cursed by the fiendish Pharaoh Akahten IX, Wesley and his friends, Marishana and Aiden, must solve the evil spell quickly or be trapped for all eternity!

Mr. Bat Wants a Hat

Mr. Bat is missing something. Something important. A HAT! He wants a HAT! Before long, he finds the perfect hat. It has pretty pink roses and lots of GLITTER. But this hat belongs to someone else . . . which doesn’t bother him AT ALL, actually. Or does it? This hilarious and heart-warming story encourages children to learn to think about others, empathy, and doing the right thing. The brightly colored illustrations combine with lively text to create a vibrant and thought-provoking bedtime story.

My Magnificent Jelly Bean Tree

Some people say jelly beans don’t grow on trees. Not this little boy . . . he believes in magic. The kind of magic that takes him to the top of the jelly bean tree to watch a river of clouds in the sky or slide down the tree, dizzily whizzing, on a helter-skelter slide. He watches his jelly bean tree grow. He fantastically feasts on jelly beans and triumphantly crowns himself the jelly bean king!

Oh, Sir Bragalot!

Once upon a time there was a knight called Sir Bragalot who liked nothing more than to brag and boast all day long. He told all his fellow knights that he was better than them . . . stronger than them . . . faster than them until they became bored and fed up. One day, Sir Bragalot is put to the test.A dragon comes near the kingdom and the Queen appoints Sir Bragalot to defeat the dragon. How does Sir Bragalot feel about this? Can Sir Bragalot save the kingdom or will he just live up to his name?

A humorous storybook, complemented by laugh-out-loud illustrations, that touches upon the consequences of when boasting goes a bit too far!

Birthday Bonanza: The Fabulous Diary of Persephone Pinchgut

Perse and her twin, Portia, are about to turn 11. How will they celebrate their birthday? Will shy Perse want the same outrageous party as Portia? Birthday Bonanza is full of surprises! Follow the next hilarious Totally Twins adventure as Perse and Portia plan their party and receive a few unexpected presents.

Quarto Publishing Group

A Journey Through Series

These delightful picture books explore fascinating details about nature, space, weather, and our bodies and how they work. Combining bright illustrations with engaging facts about each topic, these books are sure to amaze young children.

Enchanting Creatures

Discover the world’s most enchanting creatures in this wonderful collection. Find out fascinating facts about each creature and the characteristics which make them seem magical, be it the jewel-like colors of a starfish or the iridescent wings of the blue morpho butterfly. It’s time to decide who gets your vote as the most enchanting creature ever! Stunning photographs and easy-to-read text make this the perfect book for young animal lovers.

Red Chair Press

Core Content Science—Earth’s Amazing Animals Series

Many people are afraid of Earth’s amazing animals. But many of these animals are not scary at all! In fact, they are fascinating creatures that often help make the world a better place. Each book in the series explores a different “scary” animal and presents fun facts, important science and biology information, and yes, some warnings, as young readers learn why scary animals are often the most interesting.

Math and Me (LOOK! Books™) Series

Math isn’t just something you learn in school! It’s an important part of the world around us. Whether it’s cooking in the kitchen, shopping for groceries, or enjoying a game of baseball, this series shows young readers important math concepts at work in the real world.

Wildlife Rescue Series

Children are naturally curious about animals and are often interested in ways to save disappearing species. Each of these books shows simple yet innovative ways people around the globe have created safe spaces that make the world safer for animals and people, too. Wildlife Rescue looks at unusual ways people around the world have come to the rescue of endangered species by providing safe ways to adapt to changing habitats. Simple lively text and explanations will help young readers understand new ideas, while eye-catching photos from around the world add to the appeal and make this series something parents, librarians, and teachers will want in their collections.

Ruby Tuesday Books

Get Started with STEM Series

This vibrant, colorful science series brings STEM to life and gets your students thinking and working like scientists. Readers will get to ask and answer questions; make observations; collect, record, and analyze data; perform tests; use simple scientific equipment; and have fun with experiments and science activities. Packed with facts and beautiful photographs, the series covers a range of core curriculum topics, giving students everything they need to get hands-on with science. Each book is supported by a wide range of free, downloadable worksheets and other resources.

The Story of Our Tree

In the USA, five friends plant an acorn that grows into an oak tree seedling. They learn about their tree’s life cycle and how it will become an ecosystem that gives food and a home to birds, insects, and other animals. In Senegal, Africa, five friends plant an acacia tree as part of Africa’s Great Green Wall Project. They learn how their tree will nourish the soil, trap water, shade the hot land, and help their village grow crops. Both groups of friends also discover that their trees will help fight climate change!

Soaring Kite Books

Sharing the Stage: Georgie Dupree

“I did wow the audience . . . Right?” Georgie Dupree loves the spotlight, but how can she shine on stage if she doesn’t get the lead role in the school play? When Georgie Dupree lends an extra hand, she learns that it takes a full crew to make the show go on and that there are many ways to shine.

*The Secret of the Plátano

Under the full moon, Abuela leads an enchanted dance and helps her curious grandson discover the rhythm of his heartbeat while listening to the rustle and bustle of the plátanos in the breeze. This magical union between a grandmother and her grandson shows children how the secrets of life are written in nature, under the stars, and in the sounds of the whispering leaves.

*Also available in a Spanish language version

Kimchi, Kimchi Every Day

Explore the different ways to eat kimchi in this fun, rhyming tale that also teaches the days of the week. Whether a round and crunchy kimchi pancake or a pinched and plump kimchi dumpling, there are so many ways to enjoy this Korean traditional dish. Korean-American author-illustrator Erica Kim shares her pride in her delicious cultural food through her cut paper art technique using Hanji—a paper from a native Korean mulberry tree. This beautiful reflection of culture will inspire children to take pride in their cultural foods, too.

An Unbreakable Thread

A bittersweet celebration of the everlasting bond between a mother and child through the changing phases of their lives. The thread begins to unwind when the child begins to walk, talk, and run. It stretches a little more on the first day of school. It swirls and unfurls the further the child gets from Mom’s reach. One thing is constant—that it always remains. Emily Joof channeled her Gambian upbringing to pen this story, which was inspired by a local tradition of leaving a thread with the child when a parent travels.

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