Activity Books Young Readers Will Love

Take a deep dive into sound and word formation with the Phonics Fun Activity Book and Words Are CATegorical ® Activity Book! Designed to help early learners discover and practice different kinds of sounds and words, these workbooks feature fun and accessible activities by award-winning children’s author Brian Cleary.

Phonics Fun Activity Book: Reading and Writing Activities for Kids

The Phonics Fun Activity Book is primarily for readers between preschool and second grade. Colorful design, silly illustrations, and simple but engaging activities draw early learners in and help teach them about eight different kinds of sounds. These include short and long vowels, consonants, diphthongs, and more.

Each section of the workbook features an approachable introduction to the sound and engaging activities to put phonics in action. Readers will draw pictures, help write poems, and even play matching games and charades!

The Phonics Fun workbook is based on Brian Cleary’s popular Phonics Fun book series. The series features eight short, fictional books. Each one uses fun, rhyming text and full-color illustrations to highlight a sound featured in the workbook. The Phonics Fun Activity Book can be completed alone or supplemented by the series.

Words are CATegorical ® Activity Book: Reading and Writing Activities for Kids

Brian Cleary has given hundreds of author talks at schools. While on these trips he discussed reading strategies with teachers, librarians, and reading specialists. He took all of the ideas from these conversations to make Words are CATegorical ® Activity Book: Reading and Writing Activities for Kids. This activity book teaches kids parts of speech while they play. The activity book can be paired with his series Words Are CATegorical ® (20th Anniversary Editions)or used on its own.

In this activity book, kids explore nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, synonyms, and antonyms through games. Mab Lib style games helps readers learn more about verbs while they make wacky stories. A retake on the famous Simon Says game teaches kids about synonyms.

Brian Cleary is an award-winning and bestselling author dedicated to helping kids read and making sure they have fun while doing so. His new activity books further engage readers and let them also make their own silly stories.

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