Introducing: Cheriton Children’s Books

We are so pleased to share that we have added a new series nonfiction publisher, Cheriton Children’s Books, to the Lerner Publisher Services roster. Cheriton believes that education begins by sparking an interest and then fanning that flame. Keep reading to learn more about their engaging series such as Disaster Zone, Energy Evolutions, Help! Study Hacks, and It Happened to Me.

Earth—it’s a disaster zone! Discover the science behind epic natural disasters, the world’s worst-ever disaster events, and the technology that scientists are using to help prevent devastating natural disasters of the future.

From the Series Disaster Zone

  • Interest Level: Grade 5 – Grade 8    
  • Reading Level: Grade 6

The energy industry is evolving—fast. Find out why fossil fuels are being fast-tracked into history and how cleaner, greener, and science-smart energy is helping us build a sustainable future.

From the Series Energy Evolutions

  • Interest Level: Grade 5 – Grade 9    
  • Reading Level: Grade 7

Study skills are life skills, but sometimes they’re hard to pick up in the classroom. From explaining how to write and research to how to give a speech, this funny, irreverent, and helpful series will guide every student through.

From the Series Help! Study Hacks

  • Interest Level: Grade 4 – Grade 9    
  • Reading Level: Grade 5

It Happened to Me explores painful life crises that affect many young people through poignant diary entries from composite teens who have experienced these situations, supported by informational text.

From the Series It Happened to Me

  • Interest Level: Grade 6 – Grade 9    
  • Reading Level: Grade 6

To learn more about Cheriton Children’s Books, visit their website, follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, or check out their titles on the website.

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