History in Pictures: The New Series Bringing History to Life

In the new History in Pictures series, readers will take a close look at the past. These books go beyond the basics and inform readers how historical events relate to social justice issues today. As part of the Read Woke™ Books collection, these titles were created in partnership with the Read Woke librarian, Cicely Lewis. Lewis created a Read Woke challenge at her school to engage students with what was happening in the world around them. Read Woke Books challenge social norms, give voice to the silenced, and share the perspective from underrepresented groups. Learn more and find free teaching guides here and get an inside look at the History in Pictures series below.

Large and numerous photos help immerse readers in each historic event. Special care went into finding photos that were accurate for the time period and that showcase people from underrepresented backgrounds.

Each book features two to three reflection sidebars that encourage readers to think critically. This not only supports reading comprehension, but helps readers understand the impact these events had and how they impact the present.

Readers also hear directly from the people that lived these events through primary source quotes. Each book features two quotes which give a voice to people who were oppressed during these events.

Readers will engage with and learn from the past with History in Pictures. Read Woke Books empower readers to learn about the world around them and show them that they have a voice to speak up for what they care about. Each book ends with a backmatter feature called Take Action that gives readers suggestions for how they can be involved in supporting related causes today.

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