Get Ready to Read for a Better World

Are you in need of solid nonfiction content that is accessible for beginning readers? Look no further than our Read for a Better World books. This brand was designed specifically with first grade learners in mind. Readers will be drawn in by the attractive design and photos that reflect the diversity of our world, while the carefully leveled text and thoughtful questions to connect learning will aid in comprehension. In addition, each book contains a photo glossary, age-appropriate book lists to learn more, as well as resources for educators, making these books a solid addition to any classroom or library.

This brand launches with four series:

Read about School prepares readers for school, from the bus to recess to the much celebrated 100th day of school. In addition, there are reflection questions that help kids make connections to their everyday lives as well as family/educator tips.

Read about Ocean Animals provides solid curricular nonfiction information on favorite ocean animals such as clown fish, dolphins, and starfish. These books also have the reflection questions and the family and educator engagement tips that will come to be synonymous with the Read for a Better World brand. And the text, like all in this brand, is carefully leveled to be at a first grade level.

The Read about Space series has books on the earth, moon, sun, and stars, as well as Mars and astronauts. Books contain diagrams, photos, and illustrations that combine with the easy-to-read text to make them a great fit for beginning space explorers. 

Read about Senses introduces young learners to the senses that help us observe and understand our world. Each book contains a STEM snapshot that encourages adult engagement with readers and You Connect questions that asks readers to think about how they have experienced senses in their own lives.

We know from educators that that the pandemic has, among other things, disproportionally impacted the youngest readers, putting them further behind when compared to their older peers. Read for a Better World books offer an accessible and engaging solution that is needed for these times. (Plus, they are also pleasing to the eye—just look at those covers!)

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