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By Megan Ciskowski, Associate Publicist

New books await on our NetGalley shelf! Be among the first to read and review our Fall 2022 titles.

Picture Books

Be a Bridge by Irene Latham and Charles Waters, illustrated by Nabila Adani

Upbeat rhyming verse and colorful illustrations of a diverse group of students help readers take action to foster inclusivity, respect, and connection. A Page Plus QR code includes a Bridge Builder Pledge.

Praise from an Early NetGalley Reader

“Be a Bridge is the book that is so needed right now! The inclusive illustrations and simple, yet poetically powerful phrasing give young students a powerful message on how to be part of a community. It should be required reading in all schools and homes!” – Elizabeth Abbott, Educator

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Big Bear and Little Fish by Sandra Nickel and illustrated by Il Sung Na

At the carnival, Bear wants a teddy bear. And not just any teddy bear—she wants the biggest one of all. But instead she gets a fish. A very small fish. Bear is so very big and Fish is so very small that Bear worries they have nothing in common. Can they possibly be friends?

Gentle, accessible prose by Sandra Nickel is paired with richly textured illustrations by Il Sung Na in this sweet story of unexpected friendship.

Praise from an Early NetGalley Reader

“This was the perfect balance of learning SEL skills with a fun and engaging plot…The art is bright, interesting and clear which is attractive and would work well in a storytime setting.” – Alyssa Skorski, Librarian

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Middle Grade

Hear Me by Kerry O’Malley Cerra

After being diagnosed with progressive hearing loss, Rayne resists her parents’ efforts to “fix” her and rethinks her own assumptions about what her condition means for her.

Praise from an Early NetGalley Reader

“This is a story of learning to love oneself and self discovery, because even if those around you truly and unconditionally love you, it can be hard to see yourself in that same positive light. Especially when viewpoints differ.” – Josephine Sorrell, Librarian

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Funeral Girl by Emma K. Ohland

Sixteen-year-old Georgia Richter feels conflicted about the funeral home her parents run—especially because she has the ability to summon ghosts. With one touch of any body that passes through Richter Funeral Home, she can awaken the spirit of the departed. With one more touch, she makes the spirit disappear, to a fate that remains mysterious to Georgia. To cope with her deep anxiety about death, she does her best to fulfill the final wishes of the deceased whose ghosts she briefly revives.

Then her classmate Milo’s body arrives at Richter—and his spirit wants help with unfinished business, forcing Georgia to reckon with her relationship to grief and mortality.

Praise from an Early NetGalley Reader

“Extraordinary read with sensitive topics approached appropriately and with mindfulness.” – Heather Douglass, Media Professional

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Unretouchable by Sofia Szamosi

Olive is spending the summer before college helping a fashion-industry imaging specialist—and pondering the impact of image retouching software used behind the scenes. Unretouchable is a window into a hugely influential world of fashion photography and a tribute to self-acceptance.

Praise from an Early NetGalley Reader

Unretouchable is an unforgettable story of fashion and self-acceptance that is like The Devil Wears Prada for the new, digital generation.” – Layton’s Book Reviews

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Let’s Talk About It: A Sesame Street ® Guide to Resolving Conflict by Marie-Therese Miller

Everyone experiences conflict, even on Sesame Street! This guide comes with simple steps to help readers become kind and independent problem solvers.

Praise from an Early NetGalley Reader

“An excellent book with beloved Sesame Street characters to help teach children how to handle conflict and regulate their emotions. Perfect for preschool to kindergarten. A great place for parents and educators to start important discussions.” – Mara Lyons, Reviewer

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Don’t Sit on the Baby, 2nd Ed: The Ultimate Guide to Sane, Skilled, and Safe Babysitting by Halley Bondy

Babysitting is a popular jobs for teens, but caring for kids is not easy. This funny, updated guide covers the basics—from how to find jobs and negotiate pay rates to how to entertain your charges and handle behavioral challenges.

Praise from an Early NetGalley Reader

Don’t Sit on the Baby- 2nd Edition– is a great resource for any middle or high schooler interested in baby sitting. It includes how to handle different age groups, necessary skills to have, and lots of safety tips. A must for any new babysitter!!” – Natalie Gossett, Reviewer

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Teen Innovators: Nine Young People Engineering a Better World with Creative Inventions by Fred Estes

From Gitanjali Rao, who discovered a new way to test for lead in water, to William Kamkwamba, who built a windmill out of spare parts for his village in Malawi, Teen Innovators celebrates the determination and ingenuity of youth. Each chapter tells the story of invention, the discovery of a problem, the science and research the innovators completed, and the creation of a unique device or method to solve the issue. The profiles explore the challenges, motivations, and lives of these teen visionaries. Paired with clear descriptions of the science behind these inventions, readers will see how the science they study today in school relates to these important discoveries.


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