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Here are the highlights from our publishing partners’ Spring 2022 lists! From picture books to graphic novels, nonfiction about perennial favorite topics like space and dinosaurs, diverse eReadalongs, board books, and high-low fiction, there’s something for everyone from our favorite publishers.

Happy Times

From sunrise to sunset, breakfast time to playtime, time to go to the beach, bedtime, story time and—finally—sweet dreams time: Michael Foreman celebrates every wonderful moment of a day spent together as a family, creating special memories to treasure forever.


When a boy washes up on a desert island, he is sure he’s on his own in the world.
But there’s someone else living there: Hom, a peace-loving creature who has lost his family, too. Alone on the island together, they learn from each other and become the best of friends. So when a rescue ship appears on the horizon, the boy has a big decision to make . . .


Fred the Giant’s off fishing today. But look! His GIANT PANTS are caught on the end of his hook!
Follow Fred as he drags his giant pants all around town, scooping up a cat, the baker and all his cakes, a fire engine . . . you’d be amazed how much fits in those megapants. What pantemonium!

Elmer and the Bedtime Story

It’s bedtime, and Elmer’s looking after two baby elephants. But how will he get them to sleep? A good walk will do it, Elmer thinks. But as they walk past their friends, everyone in the jungle seems to think he should tell them a bedtime story, and they each have their own favorites.
What’s yours?

Eighteen Vats of Water

As long as he can remember, Xian has wanted to be a great calligrapher, like his father.
When he turns six, he’s finally old enough to start studying. Calligraphy is more than writing—it’s painting—and Xian learns how much work and creativity go into what look like effortless strokes.
Based on stories still told about Xian and his father, famous calligraphers of the 4th century, Eighteen Vats of Water is about determination, creativity, and learning how to see, as well as the importance of family traditions.

What Do You See?

How creatively do you see things?
She took photographs of things she loved and sent them to him. He drew pictures on her photographs of things he saw and sent them back to her.
Real-life friends Barney Saltzberg and Jamie Lee Curtis share their fun, funny, and imaginative creations, encouraging readers to find their own unique perspectives lurking in puddles and noodles, fruit and flowers. This project was born out of a school visit where Jamie complimented Barney’s creativity, lamenting her own inability to draw . . . and Barney countered that everyone is creative in their own way. They joined forces to create a book that is sure to inspire kids of all ages.

Monkey & Robot: Flights of Fancy

Monkey and Robot are back with more adventures.
 In this beginning reader graphic novel, the two show how much fun opposites can have together. They try to become superheroes, to travel back in time, to study turtles, and to become famous. Robot is the practical one while Monkey has the creative ideas. The two combine for a lot of zany humor and sweet friendship.

Bumblebee Grumblebee

A delightful board book for toddlers and adults to have fun experimenting with words to create funny new ones. 
Playful animals get up to everyday toddler mischief in this board book built on child-based wordplay, where each page twists animal names into funny new words that are fun to share.

Elephant Island

A shipwrecked elephant makes his tiny island a home for the many friends who come to the rescue, in the new picture book from New York Times Illustrated Book Award winning author Leo Timmers.
Caught in a storm, Arnold the elephant washes up on a tiny island. Along comes Mouse in a little dingy and Arnold steps aboard…uh-oh! They use the wreckage to make the island bigger. And here’s Dog—can this boat take Arnold’s weight? Uh-oh!
None of the animals can save the shipwrecked elephant but each broken vessel provides new materials for another intricate construction. Wheels and pulleys create a Ferris wheel, an elevator, a waffle maker. All the animals work as a team to build increasingly intricate constructions that turn the desert island into a fun park city. Soon there is a whole community and enough space for everyone!

Free Kid to Good Home

A hilarious story about sibling rivalry and a child’s impulse to run away from home—(and come back again!)In this comical twist on sibling rivalry, a girl decides she needs a new family—so she writes Free Kid on a box and waits in the street for some better parents to choose her. Waiting in a box like an abandoned pet and encountering the passersby changes the girl’s perspective. At the end of the day, when her parents pretend they need an older sister for their new baby, she is ready to leave her box and go happily back home.

Lisette’s Lie

In this funny story about imaginative play with friends, Lisette’s creativity and quick thinking make for a wonderful day out. Gently exploring the differences between storytelling and little white lies and the importance of good intentions, this picture book is ideal to read aloud with preschoolers. With illustrations that convey a range of mood and emotion, the animal friends are brimming with personality and childlike playfulness.


A warm and comforting board book about the bond between grandfather and child, from award-winning author and illustrator. Through powerful illustrations and simple words, Pops captures a very special time with a child and their grandfather as they share a day of easy moments together.

The Secrets of Cricket Karlsson

“charming, funny, deceptively deep.” The New York Times

A bright, contemporary and fearless novel about an ordinary extraordinary eleven-year-old trying to win back her best friend and get her mother to stop sighing.
Eleven-year-old Cricket Karlsson is a warm and complex character with an artistic soul. Written as a diary, tween readers will fall in love with Cricket’s tough yet charming voice as she shares her secret thoughts about her best friend break-up, her Aunt’s breakdown and experimental chewing gum sculptures. Punkish and surprising comic-style illustrations perfectly compliment this coming of age story.
This is a liberating and unexpected story about growing up, fitting in, and sorting out the adults in our lives that will reach the hearts of young readers (and older ones).

The Tale of the Tiny Man

There was once a tiny man. One day, at the first sign of Spring, he decided to pin a note to a tree that said FRIEND WANTED. Then he sat down on the step to wait. After ten days, he woke to find a cold nose in his hand. Beside him was a big dog with a beautiful curve in its tail. The tiny man had made a friend at last. They play and walk and laugh every day. But then the girl in the polka dot dress comes to the step. The little man watches as the dog put his soft muzzle into the girl’s hand and worries that he has lost his only friend.

A classic picture book from Sweden with a very happy ending about feeling lonely and finding friends. It is possible, after all, to have more than one friend!

Be the Best at . . .

This dynamic series is specially designed to show you how to both master, and get maximum enjoyment from the sports you love. A combination of easy-to-follow text, step-by-step photographs, and diagrams will make difficult skills easier to master—skills that your sporting heroes use every day. All this, along with clear introductions to the rules and regulations, and tips on the right ways to get fit and stay fit, will help to get you on the road to sporting success!

Adventure Sports
This high/low series takes a dive into some of the world’s most adventurous sports. Discover their history and how they have changed over the years. Explore the breath-taking locations for incredible sporting adventures, from snow-covered mountains, to the ocean’s wicked waves. Unpack the clothing, equipment and skills needed to go pro, and meet the sporting legends pushing themselves to the limit, to be the best. Combining stunning photography with clear and simple text, this series is sure to keep even the most reluctant readers turning the pages.

Dearest One

Inspirational words of wisdom passed down from older generations to the young.
Imagine the words your grandmother might say if she wrote you a letter.  Perhaps she would encourage you to embrace the rain, or shine your light for all to see.  Perhaps she would remind you to take up space and choose your path, knowing that whichever path you take will be the right one because it’s yours.  Perhaps she would tell you you are loved.  Perhaps she would start the letter, “Dearest One”.
A gorgeous keepsake for a growing child, this gentle tale will help little ones everywhere navigate the joys and sorrows of childhood with positivity, strength, and love.  

My Must-Have Mom

When Jake’s mom upcycles every last thing in the apartment, Jake begins to worry that the only thing left to change is . . . him!
Jake’s mom is not like most moms. Say there’s a dumpster in the street, most moms will pass right by without a second glance. Not Jake’s mom. “Look at this, Jake!” she’ll shout. “We must have this! We must have this, too! And we simply must have this!” That’s Jake’s mom for you. She’s a must-have mom.
Soon Jake begins to worry that his mom will want to change him too. Should he be this way? Or that way? Or another way altogether?
A heartwarming story about the unbreakable bond between a mother and her son, and a little boy who learns that he is perfect just the way he is.

Rainbow Hands

When a young boy paints his nails with his mom’s nail polish, he discovers the most important thing of all: the magic of being his true self.
As the long late summer day stretches ahead of them, a young boy eagerly looks forward to his favorite time—painting-your-nails time. He know that when he dips into those magical bottles of nail polish, he will discover a color to express his every mood and feeling. Purple is the color of magic and mystery. White is the color of endless possibilities. At times, his papa frowns and says, “What have you done to your nails?” At other times, he says, “Why don’t you paint on paper instead?” But the little boy knows that painting his nails makes his hands look beautiful.
 This color-filled story celebrates the joy of finding out who you are and embracing the courage to be yourself.

Through the Forest

Walking through a dark forest, a young boy learns to treasure his memories and find his true path.
Lost and alone, a young boy enters the forest not knowing the path that lies before him. He meets a figure called Emptiness who guides him on his way. Together they find keepsakes deep in the forest  that trigger memories, both good and bad. As he moves closer to the sun-filled meadow on the other side of the forest, the boy learns that to be truly happy, he must embrace his past.
A powerful tale about the importance of memories in the winding journey of life.

Jamilah at the End of the World

Seventeen-year-old Jamilah Monsour makes plans for what she’s certain is the beginning of the climate change catastrophe that will end the world. Luckily, Jamilah knows what has to be done to save her family: reluctantly her parents allow her to transform the back alley garage into a bunker, but they draw the line when she announces she’s going to skip university and instead use the money they had saved for her education to buy solar panels and a generator.
When an electricity blackout strikes, Jamilah’s climate change anxiety kicks into high gear and she ends up staying out all night, infuriating her  father who is done with all this doomsday nonsense.

White Privilege

For some kids, ways they can help eliminate racial injustice might be hard to see.
 After all, they are taught that people in society are all equal under the law. So why then does racial conflict still exist? And what can they as individuals do about it right now?
One way is for white children to understand the unearned advantages they were born with based solely on the color of their skin. This concept is called white privilege and this book will help children of all races understand it, see how it affects them and find ways to speak out and take real action against it.

Lorimer Sports Stories

Realistic, action-packed sports stories for reluctant middle-grade readers. Each book covers a contemporary theme—like bullying, friendship or prejudice—set against the backdrop of a specific sport. The themes will appeal to kids who play sports, such as rivalry, teamwork, competition and gender issues.   A free teacher’s resource guide for the series is available online. With multiple sports to choose from, there is a Sports Story for every young sports fan!

Lorimer Real Love

Real Love is a new collection of high/low YA novels that focus on realistic teen relationships. The novels feature diverse teen characters in contemporary settings as they experience love, romance, dating, sex, body image, LGBTQIA+ issues, and more. From authors who write from real-world experience, these contemporary YA romances will engage the most reluctant teen readers.

I and I Bob Marley

A biography in verse of reggae legend Bob Marley, exploring the influences that shaped his life and music on his journey from rural Jamaican childhood to international superstardom.

Las calabacitas de Zora

The amazing Amador family voices the delightful story of Zora, a young gardener who grows a community by organizing a garden swap with the abundance of zucchini she grows, in this new Spanish edition.

Ohana Means Family

In this cumulative rhyme in the style of “The House That Jack Built,” a family celebrates Hawaii and its culture while serving poi at a luau.

Amira’s Suitcase

Amira’s Suitcase is a gentle, thoughtful story about a little girl who arrives at a settlement camp with her family and a few suitcases.
Before long, she finds a sprouting seed growing inside her suitcase and lovingly begins to nurture and look after the seed, like a new friend. She waters it, talks to it and takes it to the light. As the seed grows and grows, so does Amira’s happiness, her friendships and her way of life. The seed becomes a powerful symbol for hope and happiness.
This story encourages children to think about the process of nurturing something and helping it to grow. Exploring the key themes of friendship and inclusivity, this story ultimately shows that kindness can flourish even in difficult circumstances.

Bears Don’t Wear Shoes

A laugh-out-loud book about an inventive, proactive little girl who decides she needs a new friend.
When Suzy’s family moves, she finds that everybody is too busy to play with her. So, taking matters into her own hands, she puts up a “FRIEND WANTED” poster. When a big bear turns up and ticks all her boxes (likes cookies, coloring, and dress-up), he seems perfect—except for one thing, he WON’T WEAR SHOES! But does this matter to Suzy, who absolutely loves shoes?
This is an adorable, heartwarming story about an unusual friendship. The book teaches children to understand and appreciate each other’s differences and that best friends don’t always need to like the same things.
Sharon Davey’s funny, quirky illustrations complement her words, making this a must-have picture book.


Inner is about a young girl on her journey to question the universe about the secrets of life.
The questions she poses to the universe, “Is there any kindness in the world? I’m looking for kindness,” can only be found and answered from within herself. She continues her journey around the world, questioning trees, animals, plants, and water. Each time, the universe answers back to the little girl, “Go Inner.” At the end of her journey, she builds up enough confidence and wisdom to understand that she can simply look within herself to find all that she needs. She is so happy to have found this powerful secret of life.
With dreamlike, whimsical illustrations, this is a reaffirming, joyful book for everybody that will transform readers’ minds to what truly matters.

Tropical Trouble

Persephone Pinchgut is back to tell you more about her exciting life and adventures. Get up close and personal with twin Perse in her fabulous new diary.
It’s the summer and no one needs a vacation more than Perse. From the moment she takes off for Fiji, Perse is set for a fun and exciting vacation. But there’s just one catch. The twins’ super annoying next door neighbor, Dill Pickleton, is going with them. With Gran looking after them and Dill tagging along, how will Perse and her sister, Portia, actually have fun?
In Perse’s greatest adventure yet, she faces the perils of sailing the open seas, swimming with sharks (her greatest fear!), and a dreaded dance-off. Perse pens all her deepest secrets about popularity, fitting in, crushes, and lots more for you to read about.
A perfect read for 7+ readers and secret diary lovers.

Let’s Go!

This board book series features a mode of transportation in each book. It encourages children to explore the great outdoors. It is a fun and engaging read, perfect for toddlers and early learners as they begin the years of discovery. The fun illustrations perfectly complement the early reader text. 

Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy is a rather reserved and gentle duck, with all the qualities of an English aristocrat.
He likes to tip his hat and say “Good Morning” and he would never want to bother anybody.
He lives alone on the edge of Pemberley Park and keeps himself to himself. Unfortunately, his life is a little lonely.
One day, he receives an invitation from Lizzie and her sisters for tea but declines. He would never go to the ordinary park where they live. Over the next few days, certain events change Mr. Darcy and he realizes that it’s okay to let his friends know he needs some help and perhaps it’s rather nice to be loved after all.
A delightful introduction to some of Jane Austen’s most famous characters with stunning watercolors from award-winning illustrator Peter Carnavas. 

Alan and His Perfectly Pointy Impossibly Perpendicular Pinky

Minnesota Supreme Court Justice and NFL Hall of Famer Alan Page is visiting Market Elementary School.
All the students are prepared to use their best manners. But one little boy, who has a knack for asking inappropriate questions at inappropriate times, just can’t hold onto his question any longer. When he finally shouts, “What happened to your pinky?” everyone groans and rolls their eyes.
But not Justice Page, who surprises everyone with a smile. In this heartwarming story readers of all ages will delight in how one special little boy finds something in common with a big man with an even bigger heart.

Grandpa Alan’s Sugar Shack

Tap, tap, tap. Drip, drip, drip.
“What’s that sound, Grandpa?”
 “It’s the sap running from the maples.”
Here is the gentle story of a granddaughter discovering one of the great joys of her grandfather’s youth, spring in the north woods when the maple trees are bursting with sap.
Together, grandfather and granddaughter make their way out into the chilly pre-dawn woods to find and tap maple trees, hang buckets, and collect sap. And then patiently (or not!), they wait for the sap to boil into syrup back at the sugar shack. They wait until . . . at last! The first sweet taste of amber, sticky goodness is ready.

The Invisible You

Everything about Howard’s new neighborhood is different—the houses, the school, his teacher, and especially the kids.
For the first time in his life, Howard feels like he is different, too. Howard worries about noticing these differences and he worries that nothing will ever seem normal again. But as Howard begins to make connections with his new classmates, he realizes that maybe he isn’t so different after all.
Everyone who has ever felt different will connect to this relatable and evocative story.

A Helping Hand

This series provides a picture book approach to personal, social, health, and economic issues that will help children understand and cope with upsetting situations they might face. Bullying, divorce, bereavement, and adoption are difficult concepts to understand and this series provides advice and guidance for both parents and children. The stories will enable children to talk about their own situations and express how they are feeling, while notes for parents and teachers will help caregivers provide answers and support children in the best way possible.

My Little Book Of

The ideal way to introduce early science, nature, and transportation topics to young readers, this vibrant and insightful series will encourage children to explore the world around them, from rocks and minerals to the stars and the planets. Fantastic photography and diagrams will engage children, and simple, easy-to-understand text addresses essential questions that young readers are dying to know.

Reading Gems Fact Finders

Flamingos are big birds. They have pink feathers. Find about flamingos in this book designed to spark a love of reading.
 Reading Gems is a supplementary reading program that supports a child’s learning at school.
The books are graded into four levels to perfectly suit a child’s reading ability, from an emerging reader to a confident, independent reader.
Level 1 is for children who are taking their first steps into reading. The nonfiction themes and subjects are familiar to young children, and there is lots of repetition to build reading confidence.
Parents and teachers can be reassured that children are reading books that support their ability, challenge their reading skills and encourage reading confidence with every word on the page.

Reading Gems Phonics

Reading Gems Phonics is for children who are learning their letters and sounds. Simple, engaging stories provide gentle phonics practice. Each book includes phonics-based activities and games to aid comprehension and extend learning. Designed to support a child’s learning at school. Featuring original stories, delightful characters and humorous illustrations, these books have been designed to put the fun back into reading.

Awesome Jungle Animals

All the most adorable jungle animals across one series!
Each book boasts stunning full-color images and fun information, exploring the traits and tendencies of everyone’s favorite wild animals. Find out fascinating facts about all kinds of animals and the characteristics that make them super-cute, be it the big, round eyes of a slender loris or the bushy tail of a kinkajou!
With dazzling photography, fun facts and fascinating profiles, the Jungle Animals series will delight and inspire animal lovers everywhere.

Awesome Kittens

All the most adorable kittens across one series!
Each book boasts stunning full-color images and fun information, exploring the traits and tendencies of everyone’s favorite pets. Find out fascinating facts about all kinds of kittens and the characteristics which make them so super-cute, be it the fluffy fur of the Persian cat or the curly Laperm!
With dazzling photography, fun facts and fascinating profiles, the Awesome Kittens series will delight and inspire animal lovers everywhere.

Awesome Puppies

All the most adorable puppies across one series!
 Each book boasts stunning full-color images and fun information, exploring the traits and tendencies of everyone’s favorite pets. Find out fascinating facts about all kinds of puppies and the characteristics that make them super-cute, be it the big, adoring eyes of the labradoodle, or the wrinkly skin of the Shar-Pei!
With dazzling photography, fun facts and fascinating profiles, the Awesome Puppies series will delight and inspire animal lovers everywhere.

Awesome Animals

All the most awesome animals across one series!
Each book boasts stunning full-color images and fun information, exploring the traits and tendencies of everyone’s favorite animals. Find out fascinating facts about each animal and the characteristics that make them so special.  
With dazzling photography, fun facts and fascinating profiles, the Awesome Animals series will delight and inspire animal lovers everywhere.

Roosevelt Banks and the Attic of Doom

With a new sister on the way, Roosevelt Banks has to give up his bedroom and move into the attic, which must be haunted because of all the squeaks and groans coming from the spooky place at the top of the stairs.
After his plan to move into a fort in the woods fails, and a ghost-busting exercise goes terribly wrong, Roosevelt—with the help of Tommy, Josh, and Eddie Spaghetti—has to find the courage to defeat the biggest, spookiest ghouls ever and turn the Attic of Doom into a Room with a View.

The One Great Gnome

In the spirit of Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, this story introduces readers to the hidden magical—and mysterious—world of gnomes, elves, and trolls.
Eleven-year-old Sarah moves with her family from New York City to rural Hadley, Connecticut. She’s eager to explore her new home and meet new friends, but she never expected to befriend an old garden gnome.
 Readers join Sarah as she is drawn into a secret world under our feet. Sarah uses her instincts to calm old rivalries and help the underworld elves, gnomes, and more join her in the upperworld.

My First BIG Book of . . .

Kids will love the full-page, labeled images and text that is written for emerging readers to tackle alone or with help. These books are real page turners that kids will return to again and again! 

Dear Mama’s Loving Arms

Dear Mama’s Loving Arms is a touching story about the importance of a mother’s embrace and the joy it brings to children, told from the witty perspective of a child.
This book is a reminder to all mothers to stop and enjoy the bond we share with our children even when it is most challenging, like those days where all the baby wants is to be held. Despite longing for Dear Mama’s embrace, Baby learns to defeat the big, bad daily nap time separation by joining Dear Mama in adventurous safari dreams inspired by Baby’s stuffed giraffe pal, Raffie.

Georgie Dupree

The Georgie Dupree series is for new and emerging readers, featuring a vibrant Black elementary student, a loving Black family that reminds you of your own, and classmates of all backgrounds and abilities. The series teaches children how to solve their own problems in everyday situations. Georgie is a character that children want to root for because her stories are relatable and there are valuable lessons weaved in. Readers are introduced to Georgie when she moves to a new city and taps into a creative passion to make new friends. The books teach resilience, self-confidence, and the power of positivity.

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