Play Ball! Celebrating Spring with New Sports Series

For baseball fans here in Minnesota, the long, cold winter seemed even longer and colder than usual. Fans usually have spring training to look forward to in February and March, but this winter was different. Major League Baseball players and owners argued about money and shut down the league. When months had passed and they still couldn’t agree, league owners delayed spring training. But as Opening Day approached, frozen labor negotiations thawed as quickly as Lake Minnetonka in April.

To celebrate the return of baseball, check out the new Greatest of All Time Players series. Read about the best shortstops, outfielders, and pitchers in baseball history, and then rank them for yourself.

Some fans prefer to root for great teams rather than individual players—baseball is a team sport, after all. For those fans, the Super Sports Teams series is what they’re looking for. It covers the Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, and more iconic major-league teams from their first games—some dating back to the nineteenth century—to the present day. 

For readers who like to play baseball more than they like to sit on the couch and watch it, spring is a good time to get familiar with the rules of good sportsmanship. The Be a Good Sport series tackles fair play, winning with grace, and everything else a young slugger should know before taking the field. Each of the six nonfiction titles has a fiction counterpart to fortify learning and promote reading skills.

These three brand-new series will get readers ready and fired up for the baseball season. Now we just need the weather to cooperate. Play ball!

Looking for more options for sports fans in your library? Browse all sports-related titles on or check out the Lerner Sports Database.

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