How to Celebrate Easter Like a Dino!

Readers in your school or library might already be familiar with the fun-loving dinosaurs from the Dino-Sports series and previous installments of Dino-Holidays, written by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Barry Gott. In the newest adventure, Dino-Easter, T-rex, Raptor, Compy, and others take on egg decorating, eating candy, a parade, and more. (Spoiler: things get a little silly!)

Get a sneak peek below at some of the colorful, hilarious art and fun rhyming text featured in the book—and learn how to celebrate Easter like the dinos do!

1. Decorate Eggs (and Try Not to Eat them Right Away)

2. Visit Some Adorable Baby Animals

3. Eat Candy (and Make a Mess!)

4. Throw an Easter Parade (and Break Out Your Best Clothes)


From the Series Dino-Holidays

Grades K-3

Author Lisa Wheeler and artist Barry Gott—the dynamic duo behind the Dino-Sports series—are back with a sweet treat for young readers with this entertaining addition to the Dino-Holidays series.

“[A] fun, colorful look at dinosaurs enjoying popular Easter activities.”—School Library Journal

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